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Heat Treatment & Steam Generation Applications

LPG for Industry | Case Study

Humble yet powerful,

LPG fits Heat Treatment Applications like the right sock.

Heat Treatment Applications  

New Build- advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as environmental impact 

New Build: Heat Treatment Application 


Our customer is a well-established professional organisation actively engaged in the manufacturing of precision and high-quality heavy-duty metal components used for specific applications in the oil and gas industries, energy and power sector, automobile, and heavy engineering projects. They cater to the demands of domestic as well as export markets.

The challenges faced by the customer pre-conversion to LPG:   

  • The customer was not sure of the uninterrupted supply of LPG as one cannot store LPG for more than specified storage. 
  • Due to the high consumption of LPG, the customer did not want to deal with LPG dealers/franchisees as they were not confident regarding service, technical knowledge, and professionalism. 
  • Handling high nos. of LOT cylinders and electrical vapourisers cost was a concern point for the customer. 
  • As the consumption of LPG was high, the customer was sceptical about placing an order automatically and getting ensured that the order had been placed and delivery accordingly would be done.

SUPERGAS’s approach:

We got the reference from the site visit to their old plant about their upcoming plant. The customer was very specific about the supply and wanted to make sure there should not be a shortage of LPG in any condition. We had done all the surveys, from the fuel plan to the site suitability, and by the time we came back, PSU had already reached out to the customer with a better offer. We captured the opportunity and diverted our discussion for switching from PSU to SUPERGAS, and fortunately, the new site is near our refilling plant, which gave us an added advantage. 

We suggested LPG’s tangible and intangible benefits and offered 4X450 Maxima installation to take care of their consumption. The customer was very cautious about the safety of the premises; hence, to assure the same, we have requested the customer to visit our existing customer to give an idea about SUPERGAS and how safety is always a priority for us, too. The customer was impressed by the approach of SUPERGAS, technical knowledge, dedicated team for technical as well as customer service and SUPERGAS’s products and services, and our offer covered all of the challenges they were facing i.e., nos. of cylinders to handle, direct supply and no dealer/franchisee involved, placement of order through IVRS as well as cost saving by using LPG in a safe and efficient manner.

Benefits of partnering with SUPERGAS: 

  • LPG supply assurance, smooth and uninterrupted LPG supply with very few nos. of cylinders to handle  
  • IVRS & EACD Plus system and hence not dependent on manual intervention
  • Saving time as well as maintenance, which was incurring
  • No downtime for cleaning/maintenance of the furnace 
  • No spillage of fuel 
  • The smokefree environment in plant