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Industrial LPG

LPG for Industry | Case Study

Humble yet powerful,

LPG fits Fabric Drying like the right sock.

Fabric Drying Application

Supplier Switch- advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as technical expertise

Supplier Switch: Drying Application 


Our customer is one of the leading companies and a top player in the category of dyeing service in the Tirupur market, a well-known establishment that acts as a one-stop textile destination serving customers in South India. With the latest technologies and machinery, they have minimized human intervention in the textile processes and optimized their performance. Their stenter machine was imported from Turkey in the year of 2018 for their drying application with a gas burner.

The challenges faced by the customer before opting for SUPERGAS:

  • No proper guidance in safety aspects
  • The issue in product quality  
  • No technical support from the local supplier 
  • Storing excess cylinders in the yard & is against the norms  
  • Cylinder handling by their team 

SUPERGAS’s approach: 

An initial discussion was started in the year 2021 by collecting the basic input data of existing consumption. We conducted 2 safety training sessions for the customer, and by considering safety as a priority, we audited their manifold system and gave suitable modifications to keep their installation in a safe manner.

In the year 2022, finally, after several negotiations and continuous approaches, they chose SUPERGAS. The customer was quite impressed by the approach of SUPERGAS with our technical expertise, dedicated team for technical as well as customer service support, and product and services that made us a one-stop-shop solution for them. 

  • Trained them for safe handling of LPG.
  • Educated the customer to operate with minimum connected cylinders in the manifold – reduced the risk of unconnected cylinder storage at the LPG yard. 
  • Advised them to have an excess flow check valve and incorporated it – ensured safety. 
  • Direct supply and no dealer/franchisee involved and supported them with exclusive customer service.
  • Embarked on loading and unloading (coupling, decoupling) of the Maxima cylinders by SUPERGAS’s trained driver crew – reduced risk and time waste of the customer team.

Benefits of partnering with SUPERGAS: 

  • LPG supply assurance, smooth and uninterrupted LPG supply
  • Safety audits and trainings in regular intervals  
  • Complaint management system  
  • Experienced technicians and superior product quality
  • No dumping of excess cylinders in the yard: 1:1 ratio supply