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Foam Extrusion Application

LPG for Industries


Safety’s primary – A journey from unsafe to safe installation

SUPERGAS is pleased to work with this esteemed customer, a manufacturer of foam, bubble sheets, and other packing materials.

Before partnering with SUPERGAS, the following safety concerns prevailed at the customer’s site:

The customer used a competitor’s LPG cylinders and faced quality-related issues as they obtained refinery grade LPG. So, the customer approached SUPERGAS for the supply of SR Grade LPG (Straight Run Grade). The SUPERGAS team observed safety irregularities inside and outside the LPG yard that needed prompt attention. SUPERGAS suggested the customer opt for an installation as per IS 6044 standards.

The following are some of the irregularities that the team had found at the customer’s place: 

  1. The platform height was only 700 mm, and the customer was using a crane to unload LPG cylinders which is unsafe
  2. Manifold near the factory valve and open window
  3. No proper fencing  
  4. Only one earthing was provided
  5. No thermal Relief Valves, No excess flow Check Valves
  6. No proper approach road
  7. Fire extinguishers were inadequate
  8. Flexible cabling instead of copper armored cabling within the LPG yard
  9. No copper jumpers and no ventilation
  10. No safety sign boards
  11. Multiple unconnected cylinders, which is a violation of statutory rules
  12. Foreign materials in the installation
  13. No Safety distance as per IS guidelines
  14. No dock plate and pallet trolley

Safety norms adopted by the customer as per IS:6044 norms instructed by SUPERGAS:

  1. The platform height was changed from 700 mm to 1100 mm from the ground level as per requirement for safe loading/unloading of cylinders
  2. The LPG yard area was extended as per the required cylinder manifold installation for better accessibility
  3. Removal of foreign material inside/outside the LPG yard
  4. Unconnected cylinders removed from the LPG yard
  5. Proper Fencing and Cabling in the LPG yard
  6. Installation of fire extinguishers as per IS standards
  7. Safety Board provided and installed by SUPERGAS
  8. Manifold with TRV & EFCV installed by SUPERGAS
  9. Addition of one more earthing pit  
  10. Installation redesign as IS 6044 guidelines
  11. Connection/Disconnection, Loading/Unloading by SUPERGAS’s trained crew members
  12. Pallet trolley and dock plate for safe loading/unloading

After obtaining the technical clearance, SUPERGAS has started supplying SR Grade LPG in cylinders. We have also provided the customer with complete safety training for operation and cylinder handling.

After the successful installation of the LPG manifold following all IS norms, SUPERGAS also conducts safety training and audits from time to time so that there will be no safety issues at the customer end and the customer can focus on the production with peace of mind.

Benefits Observed By The Client After Partnering with SUPERGAS:

  1. LPG Yard that’s completely safe and secure, with all the necessary safety equipment
  2. SR grade LPG supply   
  3. End product quality as per their expectation which they were not getting from refinery grade LPG  
  4. The quality of the products rated at an all-time high due to SR grade LPG  
  5. The fear of accidents was eliminated by implementing standard safety procedures in the LPG manifold area
  6. Gas residual is negligible in the cylinders, and there is no gas condensation even during the winter. This ensures that the customer has a constant supply of gas