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Excellent service  

Stories from the field, proving we got your back.

         We go the extra mile.

We offer an essential product, where failure is not an option. This means our service also needs to be world-class. Going the extra mile for our customers leads to great stories about the challenges we face, and how we apply our skills, creativity and immense effort to simply ‘keep things running’.

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Ensuring Ashok Leyland can continue to expand 

Venkatapathy, Senior Technical Manager

Ashok Leyland had plans to expand their industrial processes within their premises. Unfortunately, their existing energy solution hindered their growth plans as a result of space capacity constraints. Venkatapathy, our Senior Technical Manager, saw this challenge as an opportunity to devise a new energy solution to save on space, without having to compromise on safety and supply. The outcome? The Maxima Cylinder solution, and a happy customer, able to continue with their expansion plans. 
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Switching from Diesel without any manufacturing downtime. 

Sunil Gajadharane, Senior Technical Manager  

A previous consumer of High Speed Diesel had wanted to make the switch to LPG, without any manufacturing downtime. We gladly took on this challenge and successfully and safely managed the on-site transition – by applying our skills and creativity. For instance, we effectively helped manoeuvre and coordinate the movement of people and machinery across the manufacturing floor – without incident. We also managed to complete all internal pipe work during the weekly off days. It is just another example of how we walk the extra mile to fully service our customers.

And it paid off. Today we reliably serve a happy customer, who is able to realise substantial energy savings along the way. 
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Hope for the best, prepare for the worse. Always on stand-by.

Gurudatt Joshi, Senior Sales Manager  

Customers are looking for a continued and uninterrupted LPG supply – a major expectation for any manufacturer. Many critical applications like galvanizing or glass melting, are unable to shutdown their processes. We ensure these processes can continue to run, with uninterpreted LPG supply.

Whenever there are any natural calamities or strikes, we plan deliveries in advance. If needs be, we make alternate arrangements from different plants to ensure our supply guarantee.

Customer have come to appreciate our services, even during such challenging times, where the supply of LPG is not a given. So much so, that in many instances we’ve received the appreciation from the highest authorities for our dedicated service, especially during these highly critical periods. 

For each customer we have customised supply solutions, in which we take into consideration all variables – from peak energy usage to travelling times. In some instances, we even have customer dedicated supply trucks in place to ensure gas is always available at their premises.