SUPERGAS Infrastructure


SUPERGAS- Leading LPG Company

LPG Import Terminals

SUPERGAS is having access to 6 import terminals located strategically through out India to import LPG with being our first terminal located at Porbandar. The imported LPG is transported through dedicated fleet of tankers to reach our other locations.




SUPERGAS Filling Plant

LPG Filling Plants

SUPERGAS has currently 21+ filling plants located through out Pan India to assure uninterrupted, quick and timely delivery of LPG – key factors that have helped earn the trust of its customers. These facilities are regularly upgraded and more filling plants are being added each year to meet the ever-growing needs.


A dedicated fleet of bulk tankers and cylinder trucks are readily at hand to assure timely supplies to our customers. As a commitment towards better customer service, we have implemented Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) on our bulk tankers and cylinder trucks to get real-time information on product movement. For enhanced safety, we use ‘Conspicuity Profiling’ which enables greater visibility of tankers, especially in the night.


LPG Supply for Industry



Franchisee Network

Customer – whether, industrial or commercial or domestic - is never far away from our reach. Currently we have 400+ franchisees with their commitment towards supplying LPG  and makes sure that we serve our customers On Time, Every Time.

EC Compliance Report- Thervoy Filling Plant