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Industrial LPG

LPG for Industry | Case Study

Humble yet powerful,

LPG fits Powder Coating Application like the right sock.

Powder Coating Application

Conversion from NG to LPG- advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as environmental impact

Conversion Assistance: Film Coating Application


Our customer is a metal finishing company offering high-performance, chrome-free, thin film coatings for the automotive industry and other industries such as construction, white goods, alternative energy, military, railroad, and shipbuilding with applications on parts such as fasteners, pressed parts, stampings, springs, ball studs, etc. While corrosion control is the first objective, these coatings also possess design features enabling controlled and repeatable coefficients of friction, increased lubricity, improved conductivity, resistance to heat, and other features, all of which impart extended life and improved performance to the coated part.

The challenges faced by the customer pre-conversion to LPG:   

  • High prices and instability of the NG supply

SUPERGAS’s approach:

Initially, Corrodyne coatings used natural gas for their coating application. Then, due to a rise in NG prices, they switched to LPG, where monthly LPG consumption is 8 MT. Their burners were set as per the natural gas configurations, and the monthly consumption was 10 SCM. As we were already supplying to their other plant, we have suggested that the customer switch to LPG by showing a comparison between NG and LPG. At the same time, competition came into the picture and offered a more discount. Hence, the customer shifted to the competition. 

After switching to the competitor, the customer started to face leftover issues; the cylinders were not getting empty and not getting the required pressure. As we were in touch with the customer, they have shared the reviews with us seeking a solution.
We sent our technical team to analyse their manifold, and they reported that due to the bad condition of the valve and insufficient pressure, the customer was facing this issue. To confirm, the customer requested us to connect SUPERGAS cylinders, and after connecting our cylinders, all the issues were resolved.
We then signed the supply agreement with an installation size of 2 X 15 kg LOT manifold 33 kg cylinders.

Benefits of partnering with SUPERGAS:

  • Minimum leftover gas in cylinders 
  • Instantly controllable flame temperature 
  • Good pressure of the gas 
  • Sulphur-free emissions that are more environmentally desirable 
  •  High combustion efficiency 
  • No carbon deposition at the furnace 
  • Excellent temperature control