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LPG for Galvanizing Application


Our customer is a leading organization manufacturing transmission towers and a state of the art supplier for polymer products. The customer has a galvanizing unit and used HSD as their fuel.


  • The customer switched to LDO from HSD but increased their overall operating cost compared to other galvanizing units.
  • Their unit started suffering frequent breakdowns due to LDO as the fuel quality was very low. This in turn increased their maintenance overheads. This also lead to a lot of production stoppage thereby increasing the batch loss.
  • LDO was releasing a lot of smoke and this was adversely affecting the health of their workforce.

There was an inherent need of a solution to help the customer with a solution that is sustainable in terms of cost, carbon footprint as well as the overall workforce health.


We suggested LPG as a viable fuel for them and offered our 2 X 60 SLOT installation to cover their consumption. The customer was impressed by the way SHV handled the entire project right from inception, execution till handover. They also required a burner as they were switching to LPG from a liquid fuel. We pride ourselves in providing end-to-end solution. Hence, we brought in our partner who installed a state of the art burner.


  • Reduction in Fuel Consumption per MT: Initially the LDO requirement was 17-19 L/MT whereas present LPG requirement is 12-16 Kg/MT.
  • Increment in Heat Transfer Efficiency: Soot formation outside the Zinc Kettle is nil which has increased the heat transfer efficiency as compared to earlier. As a result, lesser time & less fuel are required comparatively to reach the temperature of 430 °C.
  • Fuel cost, Burner spares & maintenance cost for production has reduced to Rs.2-2.5Lac/month approximately.


 Particulars LDO (KL) LPG (MT)
Monthly Consumption 72 54
Calorific Value 9270 11850
KG CO2/100,000 Kcal 32  25
Carbon Footprint  213,581  159,975 
  • Monthly Carbon Footprint saved (Kg)- 53,606
  • Yearly Reduced Carbon Footprint (MT)- 643

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