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Rotomoulding Application

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Rotomoulding Application

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Rotomoulding Application

Our Esteemed Customer:

SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, one of the leading polymer-based water storage solution companies in Indiaprimarily in the business of manufacturing water storage tanks and piping systems. With more than 4300 dealers and distributors, 13 manufacturing plants and 5 depots across the country, our customer is India’s leading and fastest-growing water storage and Piping system company.


Challenges faced by the customer before associating with SUPERGAS:

Our customer had a proposal for a new build project based on rotomoulded tanks and Manholes manufacturing. Since they were aware of LPG usage advantages at their other locations, they had decided to go with LPG as fuel. But typicallythe prospect was having many pain points at the initial stages of the project, as mentioned below:


  1. - Project commissioning and completion as per the timeline.

  1. - To find a reliable LPG supplier along with associated services in limited time frame.

  1. - Technically sound and safe LPG installations.

  1. - Pre & Post support on all the parameters related to the LPG installations & services.

  1. - On the lookout for advanced technology and efficient installation to reduce workforce involvement.

  1. - Good quality of LPG to maintain required pressure and flow.


Ideal solutions offered by SUPERGAS:

SUPERGAS team approached the client with vast technical experience and presented ourselves as a consultative solution provider. Initial discussions were done from our side to gather technical data for:

  1. i) Project related to burners

  1. ii) Rotomoulding Machines

  1. iii) Burner suppliers

  1. iv) Application details 

  1. v) Information of any future expansions

  1. vi) Site suitability


The required space considering safety parameters was communicated to the prospect. Our technical team visited the client premises within the next couple of days, and further shared the details about site requirements as per IS guidelines. We educated the customer on the required installation size & safety guidelines.


Benefits observed by the client after partnering with SUPERGAS:

  1. - Professional way of approach as consultant and not merely as an LPG Supplier.

  1. - Giving top priority to safety and Educatingthe customer on the same.

  1. - Advanced technology compared to the other suppliers (Installation equipped with Electronic Auto Change over Device)

  1. - Provision of HeaterlessVapouriser (HLV) as Energy-saving product against Electrical vaporizer. as Energy-saving product against Electrical vaporizer.

  1. - Assurance of supply of Straight run product( SR Grade LPG)

  1. - Assurance on deliverables and Services directly from the company without any intermediate.

  1. - Installation provided on Build on Maintenance basis. 


For more information, please get in touch with us on 9121177930 or feel free to reach out at