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LPG has now been recognized as one of the best contributors to develop the world into a better place. With harmful emissions from vehicles, industries, manufacturing hubs, etc.; there has been a significant leap with the LPG industry to make a remark in people’s life turning into a sustainable approach to life. Serving as one of the best products with its high conservation power and energy, the LPG supply now ranges from domestic to industrial and commercial segments.

Reasons why we should opt LPG for Industry

Calorific Value of LPG

LPG is a type of fuel which is energy-rich in source with a higher calorific value i.e., 11850Kcal/Kg than other commonly used fuels, for example, coal, natural gas, diesel, petrol, fuel oils, and biomass-derived alcohols. This means that an LPG flame’s ignition burns hotter, an advantage that can determine into higher efficiency.

Reduced Cost

With the boom of LPG in the oil and gas industry, it has not only committed to developing the environment with a sustainable approach but has also reduced the cost of production which also results in cost efficiency in the market. The omission of carbon footprints makes the SUPERGAS approach for a “green space”.

Save Environment

SUPERGAS LPG is highly energy-efficient and is said to leave a lesser damaging impact on the atmosphere and the environment. Since LPG is a clean-burning fuel, it has low carbon, emits virtually no black carbon, and does not spill. It improves the air quality, reduces the emission of harmful carbon emissions, and protects the environment.


We at SUPERGAS have a dedicated team to provide end to end solutions and deliver the best to you. With 24x7 support, we are at your fingertips for us to assist you. Your plan is now our implementation and responsibility.

Our goal is to supply you with uninterrupted services with the demand for LPG supply from your end. 

Contact us for Industrial LPG Supply by dialing 91211 77930 or you can also drop your inquiry by visiting LPG for Industry