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Ceramic Drying and Baking Application

LPG for Industry | Case Study

Humble yet powerful,

LPG fits Ceramic Drying and Baking like the right sock.

Ceramic Drying and Baking Application    

New Build- advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as environmental impact 

NG to LPG: Ceramic Drying and Baking Application 


Our customer manufactures a wide range of designs in digital vitrified tiles in 300 x 300 sizes. They have a production capacity of 15000 boxes/day, which includes multipurpose tiles in different sizes and designs. 

The challenges faced by the customer pre-conversion to LPG: 

In the ceramic industry, fuel consumption is very high, and the manufacturing process runs nonstop 24x7. The temperature in the kiln, which needs to be maintained, is around 1100 to 1200 degrees. This customer requires 9 to 10 MT LPG per day. Any interruption in the supply of LPG can incur a huge loss of production and raw material. 

The manifold was supplied by a local vendor and was erected at ground level. So, the loading and unloading of 425/450 kgs cylinders were in an unsafe manner through chain cuppa/crane.

SUPERGAS’s approach:

After facing issues and realizing difficulties due to interruption in supply by the other supplier, which was through franchisee, unsafe manner of loading/unloading of cylinders and the gas quality, the customer turned to SUPERGAS. The customer opted for SUPERGAS due to its strengths like SR grade quality, technical expertise, 24x7 sales/customer service support and the assured delivery of cylinders.

Though the SUPERGAS brand and its promises are well-known, the salesperson adopted a methodical approach and made efforts to convince on points like the benefits of using LPG vs. natural gas and the high calorific value of LPG. SUPERGAS’s approach with the trained technical team, proper and statutorily designed installation for safe loading and unloading of cylinders and proper training in cylinder handling was impressive to their personnel. The customer was really impressed by the approach of the SUPERGAS team’s technical knowledge, dedicated team for technical as well as customer service and our solution to each of their issues and challenges. 

Benefits of partnering with SUPERGAS:

  • SR grade LPG supply assurance, smooth and uninterrupted LPG supply without dumping excessive cylinders, thereby avoiding risk. 
  • Dedicated customer service and the technical team ensured round-the-clock support. 
  • No downtime and nil production loss due to the timely delivery of cylinders.
  • Safe cylinder loading and unloading.
  • Safety training for their personnel ensured the safe handling and operation of cylinders and installation.