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LPG for Galvanizing Application

LPG for Industries

Galvanizing Application

Reduce Carbon footprint & fuel costs with our LPG significantly

LPG for Galvanizing Application

Our Esteemed Customer

SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, one of the world's largest integrated Transmission Tower manufacturing companies with Angle Rolling, Tower, Accessories & Fastener manufacturing and EPC line construction. They are a leading and respected brand in the Polymer sector as well. 


Challenges faced by the customer before associating with SUPERGAS:

  1. i) Due to the abrupt increase of the HSD price, the customer went ahead for conversion from HSD to LDO. However, this decision of conversion proved to be expensive as it had increased their operating cost.

  1. ii) Smoke generated due to the burning of LDO was making the plant environment unhealthy.

  1. iii) Their maintenance cost increased very rapidly because the number of breakdownincreased with LDO. They had to take unplanned shutdownleading to loss in productivity.

Ideal solutions offered by SUPERGAS:

The SUPERGAS team suggested LPG as a viable fuel for them and offered our 2 X 60 SLOT installation to cover their consumption. The customer was mightily impressed by how we handled the entire project from inception, execution till the handover. They also required a burner as they were switching to LPG from liquid fuel. We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end solutions. Hence, we brought in our partner, who installed a state of the art burner too. 


Benefits observed by the client after partnering with SUPERGAS:

  1. i) Reduction in Fuel Consumption per MT: Initially, the LDO requirement was 17-19 L/MT, whereas the current LPG requirement is 12-16 Kg/MT.

  1. ii) Increment in Heat Transfer Efficiency: Since the soot formation outside the Zinc Kettle is nilit has increased the heat transfer efficiency compared to earlier conditions. As a result, lesser time & less fuel are required comparatively to reach the temperature of 430 °C.

  1. iii) The cost of FuelBurner spares & maintenance for production has been reduced to 2-2.5Lac INR/month approximately.


 Particulars LDO (KL) LPG (MT)
Monthly Consumption 72 54
Calorific Value 9270 11850
KG CO2/100,000 Kcal 32  25
Carbon Footprint  213,581  159,975 
  • Monthly Carbon Footprint saved (Kg)- 53,606
  • Yearly Reduced Carbon Footprint (MT)- 643

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