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LPG for Steam Generation Application

Our Esteemed Customer:

SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, primarily operating in the field of Research & Development and manufacturing of world-class oncology drugs. The company strives to provide the most advanced third-generation chemotherapeutic drugs right from development to manufacturing & marketing across the globe.


Challenges faced by the customer before associating with SUPERGAS:

The customer had 2.8 MT Forbes Marshall boilers run on furnace oil with monthly consumption of 60MT to 120MT depending on production requirements. SUPERGAS team approached the customer in 2017, but the association was kept on hold due to the vast price difference between LPG and Furnace oil. The customer wanted to adapt to a sustainable option, so the discussion began again. We worked on the conversion strategy and submitted the Coemission chart report. They were facing challenges with the product quality, so there was an inherent need for a solution to help the customer that is sustainable in the long run with value adds.



Their primary objective was to have a cleaner and sustainable approach to manufacturing without compromising product quality, output quantity, and Cost benefits.


We suggested our 12 X 450 Maxima installation with heaterless vapouriser instead of conventional electrical vapouriser.


Advantages of maxima installation over conventional systems are:

  1. - Reduced installation space: 85% (for bulk) and 60% (for LOT)

  1. - Enhanced safety feature: Reduction in joints by 70% compared to conventional LOT systems

  1. - Huge savings on yearly maintenance and statutory approvals

  1. - Easier to handle: 14 LOT cylinders = 1 Maxima

  1. - Flexible Investment model: Option of SUPERGAS’s Build-Own-Maintain installation model


The advantages of heaterless vapouriser over conventional electrical vaporisers are:

  1. - Cost effective: Can save based on the capacity of vapouriser

  1. - Lower maintenance: Built with materials that do not corrode easily

  1. - Safe: Duly approved by PESO

  1. - Reliable: Trouble-free operation due to lower temperature and optimal operating pressure

  1. - Ease of Operation: No initial start-up time is required


Benefits observed by the client after partnering with SUPERGAS:

  1. i) Productivity increased as 1 Kg of Furnace oil had given them 12.30 Kg of steam while the LPG system (1 Kg), after optimisation, provided 16.30 Kg of steam.

  1. ii) They were able to save 555 MT of CO2 release every year compared to 60 MT of Furnace Oil.

  1. iii) By converting to SUPERGAS LPG, there was a significant reduction in their maintenance cost as LPG is clean-burning fuel.


Particular FO LPG
Calorific Value 9650 11850
KG CO2/100,000 Kcal  33 25
Total CO2 Emission (MT/Year)  2289.4 1737
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction (MT/Year) after converting to LPG is 555.84

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