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Industrial LPG

LPG for Industry | Case Study

Steam Generation Application

Reduced fuel cost, carbon footprint, higher productivity, and minimal heat loss

Conversion from HSD to LPG- LPG has emerged as a fuel source of choice due to its environmentally friendly nature

Conversion Assistance: Steam Generation Application


SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, a symbol of goodness, trust, and purity, which has been a household name for decades. A leader in its category, it is the most trusted brand of mineral water in India, standing true to its promise of providing safe, pure & healthy mineral water to consumers for the last 50 years. 

Challenges faced by the customer before associating with SUPERGAS:

  • High-Speed Diesel has a lower energy content than traditional fuels, such as natural gas and coal, so more fuel may be required to generate the same steam 
  • High-Speed Diesel fuel is more prone to contamination and requires frequent fuel filter changes 
  • The higher sulphur content in High-Speed Diesel can cause corrosion to the boiler components if not appropriately managed 
  • Emissions from boilers using High-Speed Diesel can be higher than that of other fuels. This fuel may require additional emissions control equipment in order to
  • comply with applicable regulations 
  • Boiler blowdown, which is necessary to reduce the build-up of dissolved solids in the boiler, is more frequent with High-Speed Diesel 

Ideal solutions offered by SUPERGAS

The approach of the SUPERGAS team: 

  • The customer used HSD earlier and faced some issues with production as they could not bear even a little containment. They were using steam, so they felt some issues with the pressurization while using HSD 
  • They were facing many operational issues while using HSD 
  • We assisted our clients in the purchase of burners from burner vendors. Along with LPG support, we also helped in the modification of the boiler with the consultation of Thermax, as we have a good relationship with them 
  • We embarked on the site selection for LPG installation with adherence to safety & statutory norms as per IS 6044 PESO guidelines & also ensured the safe movement and handling of LPG cylinders 
  • The customer gained confidence as the SUPERGAS team's approach was methodical regarding safety, statutory and LPG supplies 
  • As against the haphazard approach of other suppliers, the customer realized that the practice of the SUPERGAS team was very professional as they gained a suitable solution for their fuel requirement

Benefits observed by the client after partnering with SUPERGAS 

  • Uniform temperature  
  • Increased heat transfer efficiency due to the high calorific value of LPG 
  • The pollution-free environment inside and outside the plant 
  • Reduction in fuel consumption per month- initially, the HSD requirement was 20.8KL/month, whereas the current LPG requirement is 15 MT/month 
  • Due to their increased production, monthly LPG consumption has risen from 15MT/month to 18MT/month 
Carbon Footprint Parameters 


LPG (MT)  
 Monthly Fuel Consumption   20800   18000 
 Calorific Value/Kg   9110   11850 
 Total Calorific Value   189488000   213300000 
 Production - Kg CO2/100000 Kcal   33   25 
 Carbon Footprint   642239.77   489017.33 
 Monthly Carbon Footprint Saved (KG)   -  12769 
 Yearly Carbon Footprint Saved (KG)   -  153228