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Heat Treatment Application

LPG for Industries

Heat Treatment Application

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Heat Treatment Application

Our Esteemed Customer:
SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, a diversified product company in Rolling Stock, Railway Track Materials, Gas-based chemicals and Jute products. The company presently supplies Bogies, Couplers, Draft Gears, CMS Crossings to the Ministry of Railways. They hold the record as the first company in India to develop anode yokes for Aluminium Smelters, having the largest steel foundry in the private sector in India. 

Challenges faced by the customer before associating with SUPERGAS:

  i) Due to lack of knowledge, other suppliers were confusing the customer about the optimum storage size of LPG installation because they were unable to determine the pick & average consumption parameters without understanding the heating Cycle of the customer.

  ii) Then, a well trained and experienced SUPERGAS team stepped in. Due to an excellent rapport with the OEM, the SUPERGAS team contacted the Furnace supplier and understood the consumption pattern according to the heating cycle of the customer. Based on the data of the LPG consumption, we suggested a suitable storage solution.

  iii) SUPERGAS team appraised the customer about the statutory PESO guidelines of the LPG storage, which was required to be followed by the customer to maintain the mandatory safety standards.

Ideal solutions offered by SUPERGAS:

The approach of the SUPERGAS team-

  Rapport with OEM: After a meeting & discussion with the Furnace supplier, we understood the customer's consumption pattern/production cycle.

  Knowledge of Statutory Guidelines: We embarked on the site selection for LPG Installation with adherence to safety & statutory norms as per IS 6044 PESO guidelines & also ensured the safe movement and handling of LPG cylinders.

  Assurance of LPG Supplies: With the adequate size of the installation, the SUPERGAS team assured the customer about the seamless LPG supplies.

  Boosting Customer Confidence: The customer gained confidence as the SUPERGAS team's approach was methodical regarding safety, statutory and LPG supplies.

  Professional Approach: As against the haphazard approach of other suppliers, the customer realised that the approach of the SUPERGAS team was very professional as they gained the suitable solution for their fuel requirement.

Benefits observed by the client after partnering with SUPERGAS:

Differences between SUPERGAS and the Other Suppliers:



Other Suppliers

Safety & Statutory Knowledge

Very Much


Rapport with OEM

Very Much


LPG Installation Site Selection



Delivery Assurance

Based on the LPG requirement


Single Window Solution

Very Much Available and helpful



The customer experienced impeccable benefits compared to other suppliers, which are showcased below-

i) One-stop solution

ii) Consultative approach

iii) Peace of mind

iv) Emergency support and services

v) Safety Training

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