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Food Processing

The Impact of LPG on Biscuit Quality

Ensuring Perfect Bake

A case study of a customer opted LPG to guarantee consistent heat for uniform baking, prevent production stoppages, and ensure top-notch biscuit quality.



This case study focuses on a leading biscuit manufacturer with a production capacity of 45 MT/day, in search of a trustworthy supplier to guarantee uninterrupted fuel supply and ensure operational efficiency. With a keen interest in meeting safety standards and compliance, they turned to SUPERGAS for a reliable LPG solution. The study describes the integration of SUPERGAS's LPG supply and installation services and their impact on securing a seamless and safe production process within the customer's AP and Telangana plants.

LPG for Biscuit Baking 

LPG plays a pivotal role in the biscuit baking, primarily because of its ability to offer consistent and controllable heating, which is crucial for ensuring the quality and uniformity of baked goods. LPG provides uniform heat distribution across the oven, ensuring that biscuits are baked evenly. This uniformity is essential for achieving a consistent product in terms of texture, color, and taste, which are critical parameters for consumer acceptance and brand reputation.

Biscuit quality is also dependent on the moisture content. LPG-fired ovens can be fine-tuned to manage the oven's humidity level, ensuring that biscuits come out with the correct crispness and texture. This is particularly important in maintaining quality across different batches and product lines.

Benefits of Partnering with SUPERGAS

A new biscuit company had trouble with fuel choices, not knowing LPG's benefits, worried about getting legal permissions, the high starting cost for LPG setup, and limited space. They looked for a trustworthy and safety-focused LPG provider.

SUPERGAS proposed MAXIMA installation, an optimized solution addressing the customer’s low monthly LPG consumption and the intricacies of statutory compliance. The choice to partner was driven by SUPERGAS’s experience in the LPG industry, robust infrastructure, technical team and customer service, ensuring a seamless transition to LPG with minimal operational disruption.

    Operational Observations

After extensive analysis, SUPERGAS has offered 2X 4X450 SGS MAXIMA with 100 Kg/hr Vaporizer with 4X450 SGS MAXIMA with 100 Kg/hr Vaporizer with Electronic Auto Change over Device and SR-grade LPG to ensure quality and cost effectiveness.

Benefits Observed by the Customer

  1. Complete peace of mind to the customer
  2. IVRS facility for order booking & supply confirmation once the invoice is generated.
  3. Supply reliability because of on-time delivery
  4. Nil maintenance of burners helped in increased production efficiency due to high-quality LPG.
  5. The customer was highly impressed with safety training & safety audits
  6. Zero Break down of LPG plant so far due to proactive preventive maintenance.