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Biscuit Baking Application

LPG for Industry | Case Study

Biscuit Baking


Uninterrupted and Superior Quality LPG Best Suited to Your Industry

Biscuit Baking Application

Our esteemed customer: 


SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, one of the leading manufacturers of Biscuits. Their plant manufactures a well-known brand of food products (Biscuits) in AP & Telangana. They have the capacity of manufacturing 45 MT/day & 1200 MT/month. Their facility supports the production of 1500 MT per month.

Challenges faced by the customer before associating with SUPERGAS: 

  1. i) The customer was not aware of LPG and its benefits over other conventional fuels.

  1. ii) Obtaining statutory approvals & NOC in case they decide to proceed with LPG.

  1. iii) Initial Investment for LPG Manifold/Bulk Storage System.

  1. iv) Consultants also advised them for bulk installation, but the space and initial investment were a genuine concern.

  1. v) They were looking for a reliable supplier who can take care of an uninterrupted supply of fuel to prevent hitches in the operation of the plant.

  1. vi) They wanted to opt for a supplier having a better knowledge of safety standards and compliance. 


Ideal solutions offered by SUPERGAS: 

Our expert sales team approached the client and conducted a detailed study about their production and the required fuel consumptionThough their consultants suggested bulk installation for sufficient inventory considering the low price of LPG, our team has provided the most optimized solutionthe 450 kg MAXIMA installationSUPERGAS team considered their pain points and other challenges like the statutory compliance and license from various departments and PESO for setting up a bulk installation for a very low LPG consumption of10 MT per month. 


The customer had few choices of suppliers but considered associating with SUPERGAS due to:

  1. a) Our experience and knowledge in the LPG industry for decades

  1. b) Our robust LPG Infrastructure

  1. c) Vital support functions like an expert technical team, dedicated customer service team and exclusive key account managers 


Our offerings: 

4X450 SGS MAXIMA with 100 Kg/hr Vaporizer with 4X450 SGS MAXIMA with 100 Kg/hr Vaporizer with Electronic Auto Change over Device

St. run LPG compared to refinery grade of competition 


Benefits observed by the client after partnering with SUPERGAS:

  1. i) Complete peace of mind to the customer

  1. ii) IVRS facility for order booking & supply confirmation once the invoice is generated

  1. iii) Supply Reliability because of our on-time delivery

  1. iv) Nil maintenance of burners helped in increased production efficiency due to high-quality LPG

  1. v) The customer was highly impressed with our safety training & safety audits

  1. vi) Zero Break down of LPG plant so far due to proactive preventive maintenance

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