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20-11-2022 2022

SHV Energy at World LPG forum

World LPG

SHV Energy was a sponsor of the World LPG Association week held in New Delhi from the 14-18th of November

The World LPG Week was held in New Delhi with the theme 'Humanising Energy' from the 14th-18th of November. LPG Week brought together around 2,000 participants from the entire value chain and provided the industry with the opportunity to connect, learn and do business. As a leading global distributor of off-grid energy, SHV Energy has sponsored the World LPG Association LPG Week 2022.
A few highlights: 

 1. SHV Energy's CEO, Bram Gräber, participated in a panel on Humanising Energy, the theme for this year's conference. The panellists discussed how LPG could meet the needs of people and contribute to a sustainable future in the face of many pressing global challenges.  

 2. Other SHV Energy guest speakers included Keith Simons, who joined the Global Technology Conference to showcase technological ideas in Renewables & Applications; Muriel Millichap, who contributed to a safety forum on how to promote a 'just and fair' safety culture throughout the LPG industry and Rebecca Groen, who joined a discussion about the transition towards renewable and defossilised liquid gases.  

 3. "We advocate measuring emissions using well to-wheels rather than the tank to-wheels,"- Esther Busscher, Director of Sustainable Development, SHV Energy, expressed during the session Public Policy and the Case for Autogas at Autogas Day.
 4. Koshy John, Director of Sales, and Marketing, advocated for Auto LPG as an exceptional fuel and its potential to cut costs and pollution at Autogas Day

World LPG
World LPG
World LPG