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Health and Safety Leadership at SUPERGAS

We believe every employee, customer, and stakeholder deserves a safe and healthy environment to operate. 

Health and safety are not just words but core values that guide our work at SUPERGAS. This aids us in following the highest standards of health and safety protocols at our workplace and ensures that our LPG solutions are delivered with utmost care and responsibility. 

As part of our commitment to safety, we celebrate National Safety Week every year from March 4 to March 10. For 2024, the theme focuses on Safety Leadership for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) excellence, underlining the integral relationship between safety leadership and achieving broader ESG goals.

ESG Goals for Organizations

Our ESG goals are centered around sustainable and ethical practices that minimise environmental footprints, enhance social contribution, and ensure effective and transparent governance. Safety leadership plays a pivotal role in these goals, leading to reduced workplace accidents, promoting wellness, and fostering a culture of care and respect. These practices not only contribute to the 'Social' and 'Governance' aspects of ESG but also significantly impact the 'Environmental' pillar by promoting safer and more sustainable operational practices.

Safety Principles of SUPERGAS

SUPERGAS is built on the foundation of robust safety principles. These principles guide the organisation in creating a safety-first culture. Risk management, continuous improvement, compliance with safety regulations, and employee empowerment are cornerstones of SUPERGAS's approach to ensuring workplace safety. By integrating safety into operational excellence, we demonstrate our commitment to protecting its employees, assets, and the communities we operate in.

As part of the SHV Energy family, we follow SHV Energy's life-saving rules, which are set to help us prevent serious incidents and injuries. We also adhere to the following health & safety principles that reflect our values and vision: 

  • We never compromise on the health & safety of all the stakeholders and the communities we serve. 
  • Visible leadership and personal accountability for health & safety is the responsibility of everyone at SHV Energy. 
  • Anyone who works at SUPERGAS should report any unsafe or infringement of SHV Energy's Life Saving Rules. 
  • Our global health & safety standards comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Our safety principles always reflect 100% in our behaviour and activities. 

By adhering to these principles and rules, we prevent accidents, injuries, and incidents at our workplace and beyond. We also protect the environment and the communities we serve from potential harm. We regularly train and educate our employees, customers, and partners on these principles and rules and monitor and audit our compliance and performance.

At SUPERGAS, we take pride in our health and safety leadership. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing safe and reliable LPG solutions to our customers and making a positive impact on society and the planet. By integrating safety principles and adhering to the 9 Life Saving Rules of SHV Energy, we continue to set the standard for safety and sustainability in our industry.

Learn more about our health & safety standards and protocols.