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SUPERGAS LPG Leak Detector: The SUPERHERO for your Hotel LPG Safety

Every day after you finish your daily accounting, close the restaurant kitchen, lock the gate and go back home; there is this little nagging doubt at the back of your mind. Did I turn off all the stove and close the manifold valve? Why?

Because you understand the importance of safety in your restaurant premises. In addition, you know what happens if you ignore LPG safety. Therefore, without a second thought you will go to your restaurant without minding the time just to make sure that you have closed the manifold.

Now the big question. Do you think this is practical every time? The obvious answer is no. For a variety of reasons, some of them which can even prove fatal. For example, if you had indeed forgot to close the manifold and LPG has leaked, by mistake you come in and switch the light, that spark is enough to cause a vapour explosion.

Therefore, what you need is a device, which can monitor LPG leaks even if you are away from the location and your search ends right here at SUPERGAS.

The SUPERGAS LPG Leak detector is a state of the art device designed to detect LPG leaks in your kitchen. The SUPERGAS Leak Detector gives alarms by detecting LPG presence. An inbuilt sensor will detect the amount of LPG in the air and trigger an alarm as soon as the LPG reaches 20% of the Lower Explosive Limit – a proactive safety measure to ensure stress free cooking as you enjoy every moment of it.

It’s SUPER Easy to install and configure. It is compact in size like a doorbell and the response time is the best in the industry. The semiconductor sensor is reliable with the best piece of Japanese engineering (Figaro make) contributing to it’s high reaction time and sensitivity. The LPG leak detector is easy to operate with a simple plug and play mechanism.

Check out the specifications and other details below.

  • Wall Mounted (0.3 meters from floor level)
  • Alarm setting -20% of Lower Explosive Limit i.e. triggering signal much before it can cause accidents
  • External siren -100 dB
  • Operating voltage- 12V DC
  • 5 meter long cable wire for sensor and siren

Remember, Safety is not expensive, it’s priceless.