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SUPERGAS LPG- Profitising commercial HoReCa businesses

Commercial LPG

Do you know that LPG usage came into existence in the 1800s and was first used for lighting the streets? LPG cooking was introduced after the 1950s, and it initially met opposition as it was thought it would be dangerous to use it indoors. With time, a lot of research led to modifications brought about by gas suppliers and companies. The main reason LPG is best for cooking is that it is economical and pollution free.

When choosing a suitable cooking method for hotels, there may be multiple things to consider. However, we can all agree that the most crucial purchase you must consider is your cooking fuel. The ideal gas type should be easy to use and transport, cheap and stable. These important factors would be taken into account when deciding on using liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as your cooking fuel. Hoteliers make many choices throughout their lives, but one of the most important is having access to LPG. It is a clean, efficient, cost-effective, convenient form of energy, cheap and safe.

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of using LPG for restaurants, hotels, food trucks, catering, bakeries, and cafes: 

  • 1)Quick ignition and high heat with low smoke generation 

  • 2)Stable and safe to handle 

  • 3)Gives faster heating of burners compared to other fuels 

  • 4)Convenient and easy to use 

  • 5)A higher calorific value which increases the efficiency of burners and reduces the cooking time 

  • 6)Clean and has lower carbon emissions than solid fuels like coal or wood, giving a better environment 

  • 7)Flexible and portable 

  • 8)Unlike electricity, the gas supply is not affected by power cuts and load shedding 

1)Timely and uninterrupted LPG supply for hotels 

  • 2)Imported SR grade LPG 

  • 3)Safety training and audits 

  • 4)LPG leak detector 

  • 5)Round-the-clock support & 

  • 6)Installation and maintenance services, 

SUPERGAS, the best commercial LPG supply company, is the one-stop shop for all your fuel needs, powering the smiles on the faces of your customers. You’d always want them to return for more, right?