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SUPERGAS's firm foundations of Safety & Trust reflect the immense strength of our business pillars!


Safety is everyone's responsibility. Thus, everyone's collective efforts are required to ensure that we go the extra mile to have safety as a prime focus. SUPERGAS has always prioritized its stakeholder's safety and has emphasized its importance at its various business touchpoints. 


Being a SUPERGAS LPG Customer, you can be rest assured of our LPG quality. We also promise optimized and safe LPG installations. Our customers are a few steps ahead in safety through proactive and helpful safety training sessions, mock drills, safety awareness campaigns and audits. 

Along with various activities mentioned, we also have the below products for LPG safety:  


LPG Leak Detector 

  A vigilant friend and a life companion!


Home, sweet home-

Home is where we spend quality time with our families, feel safe, and enjoy complete freedom. Safety should be looked at the first call to keep our families Safe! Caring for people and keeping all our people safe is our top priority from the list of servings we offer. SUPERGAS brings LPG Leak Detector for your home to ensure you and your family remain safe from any unforeseen situations. 


Hotel, the hub of scrumptious food-

Safety can never be compromised, especially if your restaurant is a place where people walk in with their families and friends to spend quality time with good food. SUPERGAS is continuously striving to improve its products and services. And we are not just words and no action – our Leak Detector is the proof of our commitment to safety.



Ensuring safety at your industrial premises is of prime importance. Quite naturally, even though you are incredibly careful, there are still chances of human error. An LPG leak detector in your surroundings is like a blessing if there is going to be an LPG leakage. To mitigate the same and be alert 24 X 7 on an auto mode, we strongly recommend the Continuous Gas Monitoring System Plus (CGMS+)


SUPERGAS wishes that every person associated with us goes back home to their families safe and healthy by the end of the day.