17Kg LPG Cylinder for Hotel

LPG for Hotel

Choose SUPERGAS LPG for your Hotel

Sometimes the best choices are also the easiest

Opt SUPERGAS LPG for Hotel- sit back and enjoy the luxury

We will help you save your money, effort and environment

LPG – a fuel which is the savior of the day, the solution of modern days fuel problems and a lot more!

LPG can help you save on your fuel costs, reduce harmful emissions and operate more efficiently. With SUPERGAS, getting a new connection or switching your fuel or supplier is quick and hassle-free and the returns on your investment are substantial. 


Why Opt for SUPERGAS

Here are some factors that made us to stand ahead of our peers

  • Quick & timely supply and refills

    6 import terminals, 21+ filling plants, 450+ franchisees and a fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles are ready to serve you on-time, every time.
  • Continuous and dependable

    Our proactive evaluation & upgradation, stringent quantity & quality checks and state-of-the-art technology ensure that you receive the bestContinuous and dependable
  • Commitment to Safety

    Through periodic safety audits and safety trainings, we keep on strengthening our commitment to your safety
  • Round the clock support

    Lorem Ipsum Lorem IpsNot just for delivery and services, but we are available 24x7 in case of any LPG emergencies. We take the issue at priority and close it at the earliestum

Franchisee Locator

With 400+ cylinder franchisee, SUPERGAS provides LPG Supply for your hotel/restaurant/catering as per the requirement. Click below to locate the nearest franchisee.

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Talk

SUPERGAS is one of our best suppliers. We are truly happy with their product quality. Timely delivery of LPG cylinder by SUPERGAS in time speaks volumes of their excellent Customer support and Service. We are sure that SUPERGAS will continue to extend the best services to its Customers.