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Aluminium Extrusion Application

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Aluminium Extrusion Application

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Aluminium Extrusion Application

Our Esteemed Customer:

SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company engaged in the manufacturing and supplying quality aluminium extruded profiles for domestic and international marketsThey cater to a wide range of applications such as Architectural, Hardware, Textiles, Transport, Luggage, Modular furniture, Air conditioning, Electronics and solar in different alloys and temper.

Challenges faced by the customer before associating with SUPERGAS:

  1. The customer wanted to proceed with the FO Installation for their Aluminium Melting Furnace and approached PNG Supplier for the Billet heating and ageing furnace. 
  2. Unavailability of PNG in the region of their plant is the first constraint they faced.
  3. Through a reference, SUPERGAS approached the customer. During the initial visit, it was understood that the customer discussed the installation of a smaller manifold for billet heating and ageing with a local manifold installer.

Ideal solutions offered by SUPERGAS:

  1. By targeting a profitable melting application approachthe team explained the advantages of LPG over FO by giving the tangible and intangible benefits of using LPG.
  2. SUPERGAS offered 4X450 Maxima Plus Installation and 150 Kg/Hr Heaterless Vapouriser by explaining Maxima's benefits of safety, less space, lower cylinder rotation, and electrical cost saving of HLV over conventional heater type of vaporizers.

Benefits observed by the client after partnering with SUPERGAS:

  1. Considering our novel approach and immense knowledge, the client changed their decision and opted for a dual fuel Burner for melting application.
  2. The customer has observed impeccable results in terms of:

    i) No soot/carbon formation and hence less wastage of metal while melting

    ii) Improved quality of the end product

    iii) No downtime for cleaning/maintenance of furnace

    iv) No spillage of fuel

    v) The smoke-free environment in plant

  3. Realizing that they are also contributing towards a lower carbon footprint, the customer is proudly continuing LPG for Aluminium Melting and other applications.

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