Aluminium Extrusion Application

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Aluminium Extrusion Application

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Aluminium Extrusion Application


Our customer is Trader and Exporter of Aluminum sections/Windows & Doors frames etc. so they were having the ready market for their products.

Products- Door & Window Aluminum Section, Aluminum Solar panel frames, Aluminum Sections etc.

Before SUPERGAS stepped in

Customer was planning the FO Installation for their Aluminum Melting Furnace and approached PNG Supplier for the Billet heating and ageing furnace. However PNG is not available in the area where customer has set up the plant so we approached the customer through one of the reference and during our initial visit we understood that customer has already in discussion with local manifold installer and almost finalized for Installation of Smaller manifold for billet heating and ageing.


During our discussions, we showcased the benefits of LPG over FO for Aluminum Melting by giving the tangible and intangible Benefits of using LPG. i.e. No Burner/Furnace Maintenance, no down time, Clean fuel and clean environment in plant, less wastage of metal due to no soot formation etc. 

We offered 4X450 Maxima Plus Installation and 150 Kg/Hr Heaterless Vapouriser by explaining them the benefits of Maxima i.e. safety, less space, less nos. of cylinder rotation, as well as electrical cost saving of HLV over conventional heater type vaporizers.


Customer has observed impeccable results along with intangible and tangible benefits showcased below.

  1. No soot/carbon formation and hence less wastage of metal while melting
  2. Improved quality of material
  3. No downtime for cleaning/maintenance of furnace
  4. No spillage of fuel
  5. Smoke free environment in plant

Apart from this less Carbon emission in environment, customer proudly continuing LPG for Aluminum Melting as well as for other applications.

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