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Endo Gas Generation Application

LPG for Industry

Endo Gas Generation Application

Uninterrupted and assured quality LPG

Endo Gas Generation Application

Our Esteemed Customer: 

SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, a market leader in supplies of critical synchroniser components to PV, CV and off-highway segments. They are the leading Automobile spare parts manufacturers and well-known among the Auto ancillary manufacturing industries, making a mark in supplying precision components for power drive and transmission dealing with voluminous demands. 


Challenges faced by the customer before associating with SUPERGAS:

  1. The customer’s requirement was LPG for their Endo Gas Generation Application. One of their SQF (Sealed Quench Furnace) was at an initial stage, and the second SQF was under planning.Their furnace manufacturer had provided manifold option along with the furnace, whereas the customer insisted only on LPG Supply.

  1. The client was on the lookout for LPG supply rather than a complete one-stop solution. 


Ideal solutions offered by SUPERGAS:

The customer insisted on only utilising our LPG servicesBut, since they have a critical application of Endo Gas Generation, our teamexplained the benefits of SGS installation to them in detail. The SUPERGAS team gave them an overview of our BOM model and its invaluable benefits in terms of:

 - Support during breakdown

 - Timely maintenance and efficient replacement of parts/accessories when required

 - Scheduling the preventive services

 - On-timeresolution of emergency complaints. 


Benefits observed by the client after partnering with SUPERGAS:

A few turnaroundthe client observed after they decided to go with the SUPERGAS SGS LPG solutions rather than using LPG through manifold supplied by their furnace vendor-

  1. i) Timely Supply of LPG 

  1. ii) Regular preventive services were carried outand hence nil breakdown complaintwere registered

  1. iii) Consultation for the safety of LPG installation along with the required documents so that they can comply with their Automobile OEMs

  1. iv) Yearly safety Audits with proper documentation 

  1. v) Half Yearly safety training to handle the emergencies

  1. vi) Providing the required supporting documents to manage compliances from OEM  

  1. vii) LPG installation as per IS guidelines

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