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SHV India Advancing Energy Together

There is an old Kenyan proverb that says: “Treat the Earth well. It is not inherited from your parents; it is borrowed from your children”. SHV India is committed to doing business in a sustainable manner, and our new goal of Advancing Energy Together means that we are working relentlessly to help improve air quality.

Working with LPG since 1998

LPG is a relatively green fuel that gives us a head start when it comes to efficient and clean energy. We have been working on innovative LPG applications as a solution for cleaner air since 1998. We learned from scratch, we tried a variety of ideas, we partnered with other combustion companies and consultants, we developed a strong network of partners, and we learned the skill of conversion to LPG from other fuels.

More companies changing to LPG

Our industrial customers have benefited immensely from switching to LPG from polluting fuels such as High Speed Diesel, Light Diesel Oil (LDO), and Furnace Oil. For instance, Skipper Limited – a leading manufacturer of power transmission and distribution towers – converted their galvanising plant from LDO to LPG resulting in increased furnace efficiency and reduced downtime. Most importantly, their use of LPG has contributed to a clean, pollution-free environment. Gabriel India – a respected auto ancillary company – is now using LPG after switching from High Speed Diesel. They are very happy with their huge savings in fuel costs and reduced carbon emissions. Moreover, handling LPG has turned out to be quite easy compared to messy liquid fuels…they no longer have to deal with corrosion, spillage or soot formation. We’re proud of the fact that we had 27 conversion customers in 2017; 5382 metric tonnes of a reduced carbon footprint and a recurring impact for the future.

HLV's to further reduce the carbon footprint

And we’re doing more. We use Heater Less Vaporisers (HLVs) which are designed with almost negligible electrical energy consumption compared to electrical vaporisers. During the last two years, our focused SHV INDIA team has been able to sell 16 HLVs in sizes ranging from 100 kg/hour to 500 kg/hour, resulting in a carbon footprint reduction of 1602 metric tonnes.

Creating more LPG stations

Automobile emissions are one of the highest contributors to poor air quality. In India, for example, roughly 75% of carbon monoxide emissions are from automobiles. We are determined to create more Auto LPG stations, so that we can sell more and bring down air pollution levels. Although statutory and business challenges have slowed us down, we were able to create four Auto LPG Stations in 2017 with incremental sales resulting in a carbon footprint reduction of 2040 metric tonnes.

As we move forward, let’s remember the Kenyan proverb. It’s up to us to make sure our grandchildren enjoy the gift of our thoughtful actions and good habits, both today and in the years to come.