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“Better safe than sorry”

Safety can never be compromised, especially if your restaurant is a place where people walk in with their family to spend quality time with good food.

All aspects of the process for running a hotel or restaurant are to be thought through on safety parameters. What strikes us first is the kitchen fire that keeps on producing food starting from breakfast to dinner. Thus let’s take a closer look at LPG Safety.

Below you will find ten LPG safety tips. The tips are small and easy to follow but have a powerful positive impact on your LPG manifold.


  • Check the cylinder for leaks: While connecting the new cylinders to the manifold,you need to check them for leaks especially from the ‘O’ ring and valve.
  • Turn off the valve when LPG cylinder is not in use: This is a fairly easy step to do but ignored like anything. People are always lethargic to close the valve. This is sometimes a major reason for accidents because the LPG hose or the manifold might be having leaks. Hence turn off the valve when cylinder is not in use.
  • Keep the area clean: The manifold area must be kept clean always. Water logging or other issues can affect the cylinder health gravely. Also dry leaves, papers which are prone to catch fire soon can be hazardous. Don’t store unwanted materials in the manifold: This will affect mobility when it comes during any emergency situations when you have to isolate the cylinder. Thus good housekeeping is a must.
  • Restrict Entry to authorized personnel: The manifold area can be dangerous if unauthorized people who know nothing about the system go in. Hence, restrict entry to authorized personnel only.
  • Proper safety & emergency training: SUPERGAS provides safety & emergency training to be prepared during emergencies. Avail those training's to enhance your preparedness and knowledge.


  • Don’t keep the cylinder in a horizontal position: 85% of the LPG in the cylinder will be in liquid state. If you tilt the cylinder it can flow to the valve and start getting out or damage the ‘O’ ring as valves are designed for vapour and not the liquid. This will create multiple leak possibilities and complications.
  • Don’t heat the cylinder: Whether directly or indirectly, heating the cylinder causes the pressure to increase. This will cause grave issues like bursting or explosion.
  • No smoking or inflammable materials near the shed: The most basic of all rules is to be followed as LPG is highly flammable in nature.
  • Don’t be a hero: The most important rule to follow. LPG requires trained technicians in case the leak gets out of hand. So use your judgement and call for help when required.

We are sure these tips will help to make your hotel and restaurant a safer place. For more tips visit Safety Tips for Hotel

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