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Want to know how to choose the right LPG supplier for your F & B business?

LPG for hotels

Whether it be a restaurant, café, hotel, or any Food & Beverage industry, LPG plays a major role in catering to all cooking needs. LPG is known for its precise temperature control, high heat transfer efficiency, and portability. LPG makes cooking easier and hassle-free. LPG also contributes to a sustainable environment and plays a major role in reducing indoor air pollution as it emits no soot and particulates

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We are here to give a few suggestions on the crucial parameters of how to choose your best LPG supplier:


Appropriate LPG installation and storage:

The LPG installation and storage are the most important things to consider while selecting an LPG supplier for your hotel or restaurant. The three main factors that play a vital role in the installation process are flow rate, safety, and peak load.

Our trained and friendly staff is committed to providing you with a seamless experience from delivery to installation and after-sales services, and everything in-between. With SUPERGAS, everything is possible!


Periodic maintenance services:

Apart from supply and installation, maintenance plays a significant, ensuring a smooth system without any inconvenience

We know maintenance and service are essential, so we keep track of your calendar. With regular maintenance service of your equipment and installation, you can go for optimum efficiency and output.


Timely & uninterrupted supply:

For a successful F & B business, a timely and uninterrupted supply of LPG is vital. SUPERGAS, with its 450 + franchises and an utmost effective supply chain, makes sure that we supply LPG on time every time. Our VOT & LOT cylinders power burners, ensuring the perfect functioning of your business. We make sure you focus on other important aspects like the profits!


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Safety training and audits:

One of the huge concerns while dealing with LPG is its leakage and uncalled accidents. Our periodic safety training and audits eliminate the risk of potential hazards. At SUPERGAS, the safety of the entire supply chain is our top priority. We carry out regular safety training and audits as we are committed to providing our customers with a healthy and safe environment.


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Innovative products:

SUPERGAS is not just words and no action – our Leak Detector is the proof of our commitment to safety.


The SUPERGAS Leak Detector helps you detect leakage in your kitchen. With accurate detection capabilities and quick response time, it reports leakage at the earliest so that prompt action can be taken to avoid any hazard.

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With SUPERGAS LPG, bring an upgrade to your hotel's kitchen- cook with passion, serve with pride!