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Why India should inch steadily towards Auto LPG


A study published in The Lancet Planetary Health Journal estimates that 77 per cent of India's population is exposed to outdoor air pollution levels above the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) safe limit. While the figures paint a grim picture, we must sense an urgency on the ground towards bringing about an immediate improvement in air quality standards.

How do we do it?

  • - Reduce pollution

  • - Lower carbon footprint

Regarding the forerunner of petrol/diesel vehicles in India, auto LPG remains to be discovering favour throughout the nation, albeit largelyAuto LPG emits up to 120 times lesser particulate emissions than diesel vehicles, 96% lesser nitrogen dioxides (NOx) than diesel, and 68% lesser NOx than petrol. It is also cheaper than petrol and diesel. 


So, how's the scenario?

Globally, Auto LPG is the third most commonly used automotive fuel after Petrol and DieselWhile our government has boosted CNG, emphasis should be on the more viable option of Auto LPG. Auto LPG has several advantages over CNG, including 5-6 times lesser installation cost for refuelling stations and lesser engine performance loss. Auto LPG is already available in 500 Indian cities, and there is no requirement of any major infrastructural overhaul nor any subsidies to encourage consumers towards its usage. 


The main advantages of Auto LPG: 


Pollution Free

Auto LPG is less harmful to the environment. It generates minimal CO2 and is low in Sulphur, nitrogen, and other particulate matters, all of which contribute to pollution. 



The average yearly price of Auto LPG per liter is generally less than the price of petrol and diesel, but this varies throughout the year on most dual fuel conversions. 


No Compromise in Performance

Auto LPG has an excellent safety record, owing to the strength and integrity of the fuel tank, which is safer than the other liquid fuels, and the performance is at par with diesel and petrol. 


With With 45+ Auto LPG (ALDS) stations in India, SUPERGAS is one of the reputed Auto LPG chains operating under the name Hi-Drive. SUPERGAS's LPG Auto Gas has a significant role to play as one of the baskets of fuels available to drivers