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SUPERGAS Chatbot- in your service, all time, every time!

So that's us! Now that you're here, what are you keen to know more about? 

                               asks our WhatsApp Chatbot SUSIE!!!

It would be surprising to find anyone today who hasn't heard of WhatsApp. With more than 2 billion monthly users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app. Our custom-built WhatsApp virtual assistant, SUSIE, in fact, is proving to be an excellent way to break through the usual marketing clutter and drive meaningful engagement with our customers and bring in faster conversions and solutions. 

What is a WhatsApp chatbot? 

A WhatsApp chatbot (WhatsApp bot) is a computer program designed to automatically answer customer questions about the products and services, share content, and send notifications and forms to the customers.  

What Separates our WhatsApp Chatbot from Other Platforms? 

The foremost factor which gives our WhatsApp chatbot an edge over other platforms is the familiarity of the WhatsApp platform. With the customers already widely using this messaging app, they will not be faced with the hassle of familiarizing themselves with a new platform.

Want to know the advantages of using the WhatsApp Chatbot? 

  1. i) Easy-to-use interface 

WhatsApp chat interface is extremely simple to use. You can directly select the category you want to inquire about instead of navigating the entire website. 

  1. ii) Multi-action engagement 

WhatsApp chatbot allows you to take various actions depending on the conversational flow. You will have access to multiple touchpoints, from browsing to raising complaints. 

  1. iii) Accessibility 

A WhatsApp chatbot recognizes frequently asked questions and independently answers them. This can continue 24/7. If there are questions that the WhatsApp bot has no answer to, then your chat will be redirected to a SUPERGAS agent for further assistance during working hours. Our agent will address your concerns/queries and forward them to the respective department post which you will be contacted by the concerned team. Our team makes sure to reduce your waiting time as much as possible.  

This hybrid model in which our WhatsApp bot works together with our customer service agents is highly effective and efficient, isn't it? SUSIE, our chatbot in our support strategy, reports faster complaint resolution and happier customers.

In addition to saving time and improving the customer journey, our bot is brilliant, indeed!  Try it now from here.