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Soot is also called as lampblack or carbon black. You can find them usually below your restaurant vessels as a black sticky formation made of black carbon. This is due to incomplete combustion that’s happening. Incomplete combustion means the fuel is not burning completely, due to low oxygen supply or poor quality of the fuel. This causes a lot of problems including health issues. It can be harmful when inhaled and causes issues ranging from heart attack to even premature death if exposed continuously.

Having soot formation in the vessel leads to more energy being wasted as black carbon matter is known to absorb more light than any particulate matter. To put things into perspective, black carbon or soot will absorb 1 million more times energy compared with the same amount of normal carbon.

The only way to tackle this issue is by changing your fuel/ fuel supply. Take a better fuel like LPG from a trusted supplier like SUPERGAS and then we will be able to nip the bud of soot formation in the beginning itself.

If you ask the question as to why LPG? There are a lot of reasons, but we will be sticking to some of the most basic reasons that makes LPG the exceptional energy as the most preferred fuel.

·         Clean and efficient fuel

·         Cost effective

·         Controlled rate of heat and distribution

·         Safe and reliable

·         Easily available

SUPERGAS essays the role of a reliable energy partner by providing customized LPG solutions for your business. By associating with SUPERGAS, be assured of superior quality LPG with flexible and on-time delivery at your doorstep and SUPERGAS does help you to convert from any other fuel to LPG.

·         On-time LPG delivery

·         Quantity and Quality assured

·         Committed to Safety

·         Extensive Franchisee Network

·         Safety and Operational Training

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