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Not one, but there are scores of reasons as to why Auto LPG is simply a better option over petrol. With LPG as your automobile fuel, you won’t be compromising on your driving performance; instead it would save around 30-40% of your monthly fuel bills. The auto LPG price is comparatively much lesser compared to petrol.

Auto LPG Benefits:

  • Advantageous for Environment- LPG has reduced harmful emissions thus  contributing to a low environmental impact. The CO2 emissions in LPG are about 15%  lower than petrol. One of the greatest contributors of SMOG, the NOx emission is much lower   than petrol vehicles.
  • Reduced soot formation- Carbon emissions and soot formations are lower in Auto  LPG. Thus it improves the engine life and performance.
  • It’s easy to run- The LPG cars in India are on dual fuel i.e. you can smoothly switch  between the two fuels, with petrol kept as a standby option.


A steep rise in the automobile population has resulted in higher pollution and environmental impact resulting in increased respiratory illness and heart problems in people. There’s a feel-good vibe about driving an LPG-fuelled car because unlike other polluting fuels you aren’t harming Mother Earth. Irrespective of the fact that the LPG gas rate is different across places, the benefits received are homogeneous in nature.

It’s easy to convert your existing vehicles to Auto LPG. Do get in touch with the approved kit suppliers and it’s a day’s job to get it done. Moreover, our conveniently located Auto LPG stations will make your refilling hassle-free. Visit Franchisee Locator to check the nearest SUPERGAS Auto LPG Station.