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FAQ-LPG for Home


We provide 12Kg, 4Kg LPG cylinders
You can decide it based on your need and usage. Ideally for more number of days of use before you order for a refill , 12 Kg is recommended. However for space constraint, lower refill price at a single transaction, lower uses and mobility ;smaller cylinders of 4 Kg suits it better.
No. As per Statutory guidelines we cannot exchange one brand cylinder with that of another brand because of safety and identifying parameters.
As per Statutory guidelines all private LPG suppliers should have a different size and design in their cylinders than the Indane / HPCL/BPCL cylinders. That's why you would see 3 stay plates in PSU Cylinders whereas we have 4 stay plates and also the cylinder sizes are different .
Domestic LPG Cylinders  cannot be used in any of the LPG appliances except for cooking. However commercial and industrial LPG Cylinder can be used for such LPG appliances.
No. We do not sell regulators with out connections for safety and ethical prospective in the grey market .
Request your  Franchisee or SUPERGAS customer service, who will guide you suitably. If the regulator is to be replaced , after the warranty time, customer has to pay for the regulator and give back the defective regulator so that it would not in use . 
No. As per Statutory guidelines , regulators of private LPG suppliers are of different sizes than that of the PSU Oil companies. Thus it won't fit into the cylinders and hence cannot be used. The PSU Oil companies regular size is 24mm OD (outer diameter ) whereas private LPG suppliers have an OD of 22mm.

New Gas Connection

Typically the customer gets the new connection within 24 to 48 hours . Customer needs to submit 2 documents : (i) Photo identity proof (ii) Address proof ( self certification is accepted ) for the new connection. Customers can get new gas connection or order refill through our SUPERGAS LPG Mobile app available in Play Store and iOS Store.
2 documents are required for new LPG connection- 1. Photo identity proof 2. Address proof . Address proof can be self certified . Accepted Photo identity documents are : Passport, Driving License, Pan Card , Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, Employer Identity Card ( of reputed employers)
Double cylinders can be issued at the beginning and also an existing Customer can avail the facility of the 2nd cylinder by paying requisite money at any point of time.
New LPG connection is given quickly with minimum documents . You also get a reliable and quick supply and service, assured Quality & Quantity and safety services. One more additional advantage is that the security deposit is fully refundable.
Franchisees issue Subscription Voucher (SV) to Customers at the time of new connection or issuing the 2nd cylinder. SV has an unique number and it also has all details of the Customers ( name, address, contact details ) ; refundable cylinder security deposit , type of cylinder , Terms and conditions etc. This SV copy is required at the time of termination or issuing the 2nd cylinder.
Request your  Franchisee and the Franchisee would  guide you suitably.
Franchisee is the first point of contact and any issue is to be communicated to the Franchisee first. In case the issue is not resolved within a reasnable period, then  you can  escalate your service problem with SUPERGAS by logging your complaint in the online WebQuery( complaint section ) . You would be receiving the acknowledgment immediately and SUPERGAS Customer Service would help you resolve the issue soon.
Yes you can. This would be treated as a new connection and all processes of a new connection would be applied. You have the option of terminating the earlier connection or continue that as a back up.  
Stove buying is not compulsory neither as a company we sell stoves. Franchisees do sell stoves to Customers and you can choose your own option .
BIS Certified LPG rubber tubes are to be used like Suraksha brand and other makes .

Refill Order

You can call the Franchisee / raise your refill order in the web portal  or through SUPERGAS LPG mobile app.
Typical refill delivery time is 48-72 hours.
Delivery timings are the normal working hours ( 9am-6pm) . Most of our Franchisee do delivery at  non working hours , for this please contact your  Franchisee. Many times we do deliver on holidays ( before 1 pm ) but you need to check it with the concerned franchisee .
Delivery timings are the normal working hours ( 9am-6pm) . Most of our Franchisee do delivery at  non working hours , for this please contact your  Franchisee. Many times we do deliver on holidays ( before 1 pm ) but you need to check it with the concerned franchisee .
Delivery boys wear company uniform with  company logo. 
Check for company seal, cylinder weight, period due for testing ( marked in the stay plate as A/B/C/D followed by the last 2 digit of the year ; A stands for Quarter-1 , B for Quarter-2 , so on ) and leak check using soap solution method  while receiving the  filled cylinder. You can request the  delivery boy to connect the cylinder to the lpg stove. In case of any help or safety issues , you can reach out to us immediately. We also share the safety leaflet at the time of issuing the new connection and please read it for knowing do's/don'ts/emergency working / safety tips etc.
Yes, you would get the bill along with refill cylinder.
Yes, on request with the Franchisee.


Please check SUPERGAS Web page  (12 kg); 4kg ) for the new connection prices 
You need to give the following additions to the new connection price - (1) Cylinder Refundable Security Deposit (2) Price of LPG. Please check up these pages to know the new connection prices :  (12 kg); (4kg) for the new connection prices 
LPG Refill prices vary month on month based on international LPG prices as benchmarked by Saudi Aramco CP ( Contractual Price ). The domestic refill prices are effective from 3rd of the month and it can be seen at the web portal with specific market .
The Franchisee charges  delivery charges with a maximum capping of Rs 100 /= . Typically Franchisees operate in a radius of maximum 7 km as beyond this distance the delivery charges and the services would get affected.
You can ask the franchisee the reason for charging more and also log-in your complaint in our website online enquiry under complaint section .
As we don't get subsidy , our LPG is a market driven price and hence it cannot be compared with subsidized LPG as offered by PSU oil companies.
The administrative charges are for  various incidental expenses like (i) investment in cylinders ( effectively for supplying 1 LPG cylinder to the Customer company has to invest in 1.5 cylinders or more ) (ii) Administrative and service charges of SV , documentation etc. . Current prices are Rs 200 for a new connection and Rs 100 for the 2nd connection
 LPG prices change each month depending on International LPG prices as benchmarked with Saudi Aramco CP , exchange rate and other parameters. You can see the refill prices in our website :  (12 kg); (4kg)
Price are  charged as per the date of billing ( which is typically the day on which it is delivered )