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Commercial LPG supply for new hotels

LPG for new hotels

Whip up the scrumptiousness

with our commercial gas cylinder

Can't imagine a day without cooking gas cylinder

LPG supply for your new hotel- smarter utilization and greater efficiency

A good business is a self-sustainable business

Are you a passionate cook? Do you like experimenting with food? Has your life been full of praises for your culinary skills? We believe there’s no better way of saying that you are made for this! The excitement that you feel at the thought of inventing a new dish or modifying an old one speaks for itself. If you are looking forward to starting your own venture, then LPG is your go-to buddy. Our LPG supply for your venture is dependable, uninterrupted and quality & quantity assured.

With benefits that range from cost-effectiveness to environmental friendliness, this boon of fuel is more than just an ordinary cooking gas. Getting a new connection with SUPERGAS is quick and hassle-free and takes just a few simple steps. And once we are connected, you can focus on your work while we take care of the rest.

LPG Vs Other Fuels


  • A higher calorific value
  • Does not produce any smoke
  • Does not have a solid residue
  • Does not emit harmful gases on burning
  • Easy and safer to store than other fuels
  • Low ignition point
  • It has a controllable combustion
  • It burns at a moderate rate
  • Highly Eco-friendly
  • Better for health as there are no harmful gas emissions


  • Produces harmful emissions and residue
  • Increasing price due to increased demand
  • Diesel is cruder and messier
  • Diesel production requires large farmlands which damages the land
  • Higher contamination during storage
  • Exhaust fumes can seriously harm and even kill people exposed to it


  • Electricity heating has a higher maintenance cost
  • Causes dry air in the environment
  • Highly potential to fires
  • Emits dangerous levels of carbon monoxide
  • Reduced moisture in the air can cause respiratory disorders
  • Highly expensive and inefficient
  • Electricity comes from fossil fuels like coal and petroleum which is most polluting



  • Higher installation cost
  • Expensive running or energy costs
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • More restricted to boiler usage only
  • Oil is naturally toxic, releases carbon dioxide
  • Oil containers are not compact and not easy to access
  • Hard to detect leakage, which makes it less safe to use and store


  • It is a non-renewable resource
  • Coal contains maximum CO2 per BTU
  • Severely harmful environmental, social, health and safety impacts
  • The high cost of transportation
  • Coal ash is difficult to dispose
  • Coal emissions cause asthma and lung cancer


  • Dependent on weather and availability of sunlight
  • Installation is expensive
  • Inefficient for heating
  • Requires a lot of storage space
  • Consumes more time for heating


Why opt for SUPERGAS?

7 import terminals, 20 filling plants, 400 Franchisees and a fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles are ready to serve you on-time, every time.

Our proactive evaluation & up-gradation, stringent quantity & quality checks and state-of-the-art technology ensure that you receive the best.

Through periodic safety audits and safety training, we keep on strengthening our commitment to your safety.

Not just for delivery and services, but we are available 24x7 in case of any LPG emergencies. We take the issue at priority and close them at the earliest.

From storage system design and regulation to engineering and maintenance, our experienced engineers guide you for optimal safety and efficiency.

How to get SUPERGAS

How to Opt for SUPERGAS

  • Contact us for a connection

    You can call us or raise a query on our website for a new connection or supply for your hotel

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  • We pay you a visit

    A SUPERGAS representative visits you after we receive your query

    Switch to LPG for hotels
  • We analyze your requirements

    Based on your requirements, you are assisted by the nearest available franchisee

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  • Payment terms and documentation

    The franchisee discusses payment terms and post documentation, your supply begins

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Franchisee Locator

With 400+ cylinder franchisee, SUPERGAS provides LPG Supply for your hotel/restaurant/catering as per the requirement. Click below to locate the nearest franchisee.

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Talk

SUPERGAS is one of our best suppliers. We are truly happy with their product quality. The timely delivery of LPG cylinders by SUPERGAS in time speaks volumes of their excellent customer support and service. We are sure that SUPERGAS will continue to extend the best services to its customers.