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core drying case study

LPG for Industry | Case Study

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Core Drying Oven Application

Conversion from HSD to LPG- enhancing optimal heat preservation

Conversion Assistance: Core Drying Oven Application

The esteemed customer: 

Our customer is one of the leading MNCs manufacturing commercial vehicle engine parts. The customer was using Diesel for the core drying oven application.

The challenges faced by the customer pre-conversion to LPG:

  • The customer preferred utilizing the unused scrap yard shed instead of allocating new space for the LPG yard.
  • Scope of work finalization for the primary manifold system & the secondary piping system.
  • Due to their high fuel consumption and 24/7 functioning of the plant, the customer was sceptical about placing an order automatically through the EACD+ system.

Based on the above challenges, the customer was not very confident in using LPG, and meanwhile, SUPERGAS approached this fuel conversion project.

SUPERGAS’s approach:

Our initial discussion started in mid-2019. Collecting the basic input data of the fuel consumption, we prepared a complete cost-benefit analysis report for the customer. We submitted it with an ROI-based model within a year. Finally, after several negotiations, they chose SUPERGAS, considering our technical expertise and strong support function team. We have successfully commissioned the project in June’22.

Solution offered: 

We provided the details of tangible and intangible benefits of LPG over HSD with an offer of 8X450 Maxima Plus installation to fulfil their energy needs for production.  

The customer was quite impressed by SUPERGAS, and our products and services made us a one-stop-shop for them.

Benefits of partnering with SUPERGAS:

  • Smooth and uninterrupted LPG supply with very few nos. of cylinders to handle. 
  • IVRS system, independent of manual intervention.
  • Approximately Rs.20,00,000/- per annum cost saving by conversion as well as for maintenance over HSD.
  • No downtime for cleaning/maintenance of the oven.
  • No spillage of fuel.
  • The smoke-free environment inside the plant avoids eye irritation for their employees.