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LPG for Industry | Case Study

Cost-effective, eco-friendly & exceptional fuel for your industry

Thermic Fluid Heating Application

Conversion from HSD to LPG- High calorific value & direct heating

Conversion Assistance: Thermic Fluid Heating Application


Our customer manufactures a wide range of products including Transformers, Switchgears (Primary & Secondary Switchgears), Medium voltage Switchgear, Protection Relays, Differential Relays, Electricity distribution management systems, a software suite for self-healing smart grid, e-House & smart cities applications. SUPERGAS has converted the coil heating application to LPG.

The challenges faced by the customer pre-conversion to LPG:  

  • The customer was not sure of using LPG and the guidelines to follow
  • Being an MNC, the customer was very much concerned about safety and had various internal meetings with their safety team as well as approached a third-party safety consultant as they were not confident regarding the technical knowledge of LPG
  • As the consumption of LPG was high, the customer was hesitant about placing the order automatically and getting ensured that the order has been placed and delivery accordingly will be done
  • At the initial stage, the customer’s first preference was PNG instead of HSD due to the commercials and ease of operation
  • Competition threat was also a major challenge as being compared peer to peer- SUPERGAS vs the local suppliers/PSUs

SUPERGAS’s approach:
During discussions and written communications, we put forth LPG’s tangible and intangible benefits over HSD and offered 4X450 Maxima installation to take care of their LPG consumption. The customer was impressed by the:

  • Safety first approach of SUPERGAS
  • Technical knowledge
  • Dedicated team for technical as well as customer service and
  • SUPERGAS’s Product and Services

Also, our offer covered all the challenges they were facing i.e., less no. of cylinders to handle, direct supply and no dealer/franchise involved, placement of order through EACD Plus system as well as cost saving by using LPG over HSD.

Benefits of partnering with SUPERGAS:

  • LPG supply assurance, smooth and uninterrupted LPG supply
  • EACD Plus system and hence nil dependence on manual intervention
  • Nil downtime for cleaning/maintenance of the burner/TFH
  • No spillage of fuel, hence no loss of fuel
  • Smoke free environment in plant = happy operators