Hot Water Generation Application

LPG for Industry

Hot Water Generation Application

Uninterrupted and quality assured LPG

Hot Water Generation Application


Our customer is engaged in manufacturing of High Precision machined parts, specialized job works and customized services in the manufacturing of components for industries. 

Products- Precision part, surgical instrument, Surface grinding part.


  • Customer required complete investment by vendor
  • Customer wants minimum two vendors for supply.
  • Space issue at initial stage.
  • Concern about safety practices at the installation
  • Legal team / finance team/ commercial team issues


During our fist interaction with the customer they are more inclined towards using diesel as fuel. At that point we explained about the benefits over LPG over diesel in terms of cost and carbon footprint. We had couple of interactions with their project team along with their legal and purchase team, to clear the concerns raised by them.


  • 2x30 SLOT Installation
  • 50 Kg/Hr Electrical vaporizer


The observed benefits after associating with SUPERGAS are showcased below.

  • Less Maintenance
  • Nil Sulphure
  • No high storage required
  • Clean and hygienic environment in the manufacturing premises

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