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Health & Safety

Health & Safety- the forefront of our business

of the leading LPG company

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

No activity is important enough that H & S can be compromised

Safety: An Integral Part of Our Business

SUPERGAS works diligently to retain health and safety at the forefront of its business priorities. Stringent standards and best practices for the safe operation and handling of LPG are followed. Workplace risks are identified through hands-on programs, analysed, and eliminated, thus contributing to the sustainable development of our LPG business. 

Every employee at SUPERGAS is committed to

  • Accept responsibility to lead, direct, manage and meet Health, Safety and Environment requirements set by the company
  • Attend periodic safety training programs to understand and perform their roles and responsibilities safely in compliance with industry practices and regulations
  • Go beyond the call of duty to adhere to statutory regulations and requirements
Health & Safety
Health & Safety

SUPERGAS is committed to

  • Provide a healthy and safe work environment for all its employees
  • Foster a culture of exchange of information and encourage employees to take personal responsibility for Health, Safety and Environment
  • Create systems and processes to identify, evaluate and eliminate undesired impacts related to its business
  • Continuously consult and take feedback from employees, customers, suppliers, contractors on good industry practices to meet HSE objectives
  • Meet or exceed statutory requirements, regulations, pertinent industry standards and best practices
  • Encourage every employee to stop an activity they feel is hazardous or unsafe

Safety Management System

Effective implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS) is the reason behind our ability to predict and avoid safety issues much before they can occur. The Safety Management System (SMS) also equips employees and the management with knowledge, safety tools and the ability to effectively deal with accidents and near-misses, applying valuable lessons learnt to further enhance safety and efficiency.

SUPERGAS supports the adoption of SMS by undertaking an extensive discussion and consultation with all stakeholders – management, employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers – bringing into action the concept of ‘Shared Safety Responsibility.’ Based on the resulting views, awareness and promotional campaigns are executed, and a robust framework is created that supports systematic, clear and comprehensive processes to manage safety risks better.

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