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The above question has been pondered for a long time. Let’s look into the details and bring out some of the myths to break them.

Is LPG really a cheaper auto fuel over Petrol?

Answer is a thumping YES. A man driving 20 Km daily in his car with a mileage of 12 Kmpl in Hyderabad would be saving around Rs.14000 annually with Auto LPG. Coincidentally the cost of an LPG kit is around 14000. This means the payback period  is a year or less. LPG is also a better  fuel giving a mileage of about 17KmPL.

Do I have to worry on Car’s performance if converted to LPG?

No. There will be a small loss of performance because petrol gives you more power. LPG is a higher octane fuel, meaning it has a cleaner combustion. So there will be a minor drop in the performance. To  normal users  who use their car for going to office or for a weekend outing, this power drop does not matter at all. LPG is a cleaner fuel, which makes the environment cleaner and greener.

Do I help in reducing Carbon Footprint if I switch over to Auto LPG?

As the Kenyan proverb says – “Treat the Earth well. It is not inherited from your parents, it is borrowed from your children “. Do you know that a typical passenger car which travels 10000 Km every year generates 1.5 MT of CO2 per year (1MT = 1000Kg)? This means that for travelling 27 Km daily you end up generating a lot of CO2. Want to know how much an auto LPG car generates for the same 27 Km daily for a year? 687 Kg. Less than half of that generated by a petrol car.

Safety is the sworn enemy of LPG cars:

We have saved the best one for last. Let’s show you how safe LPG tank in a vehicle really is.

  • Auto LPG fuel Tanks are made of steel and not composite plastic.
  • Auto LPG tanks are fitted with overfill protection. But petrol spills are common.
  • Pressure relief valves are fitted on the tanks and they are designed to withstand higher levels of gas expansion.
  • It has lower flammability as compared to petrol.

We can go on and on about the advantages of LPG and the level of safety it offers compared to other fuels. We can conclusively say this that LPG is a better fuel and it’s worth every penny to make the switch. Visit Auto LPG to know more about Auto LPG and SUPERGAS Auto LPG Stations.