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“I have a dream…”

That is the key takeaway from the most celebrated speech of Martin Luther King Jr. Everyone has a dream. You have a dream. A dream to make it big. A dream to be an entrepreneur. Well, it’s time to unshackle those chains and chase after your dream.

Now that you have decided to become an entrepreneur, the obvious next question is what business should you invest in? Well, the obvious answer is to establish a solid base, you need to invest in a business that’s having a sound backing for so many years with a commodity that’s always required which is none other than LPG dealership.

However, is there any company who will go the distance to help you out with all the support? Well, that also we have it covered. You can invest in a SUPERGAS LPG dealership. It’s SUPER easy to become a SUPERGAS cylinder franchisee.

The Steps in appointing and on boarding cylinder franchisees are as given below:

·         Enquire through website

·         Briefing to Prospective Franchisee

·         Market potential assessment by Prospective franchisee

·         Prospective Franchisee SWOT analysis, analyzing their viability model and approval by RBH

·         Letter Of Intent is issued and Security Deposit is collected from the Prospective franchisee

·         Godown and office construction by Prospective franchisee and licensing by statutory authorities

·         Commissioning of Godown

·         Sales process starts

The scope of work is clearly demarcated between the franchisee and SUPERGAS.

Scope of Work:-

Franchisee scope

·         Construction of the LPG storage Godown

·         Arranging delivery vehicles ,preferably owned

·         Showroom or office with phone ,computers & printers

·         Registration with PAN, VAT and Excise Authorities whenever required

·         Undertaking Public Liability Insurance

·         Engaging Employees for business development & delivery

·         Maintaining  optimal Floor stock at all times

·         Arranging adequate investment and working capital

·         Putting efforts for business development

·         Documentation and Reports as per SHV guidelines and Instructions


·         Support during Franchisee set up through branding and marketing activities

·         Pay Franchisee Margin and incentives as per policy and agreed in writing with the franchisees.

·         Providing collection discount as determined by SHV or in exceptional cases delivery of cylinders to Franchisee Godown, as per agreed service deliverable's

·         Regular training of Franchisee & it’s representatives on Product, Services & Safety

·         Provide Sales & Technical support to Franchisee

·         Provide marketing collateral's to promote the business

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