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Lease out your land to SUPERGAS's Cylinder Franchise

Leasing land to SUPERGAS'S cylinder franchise

If you’re a land owner with a vacant piece of land, here’s a wonderful and profitable opportunity! You can now enter into a long-rented lease agreement of your land with SUPERGAS’s cylinder franchisee. SUPERGAS, the pan-Indian LPG leader, with 6 import terminals, 5 depots, 19+ filling plants and 400+ cylinder franchises, is looking to expand its cylinder franchise network. You can provide your land on a registered long lease to our cylinder dealers to construct an LPG cylinder Godown. The concerned approvals, construction costs and all the expenses concerning the Godown will be taken care of by our franchise.

SUPERGAS plays the role of a coordinator, from vising the site, inspections, safety regulations and audits, connecting you with the franchisee and overseeing the Godown construction process and commencement of the operations. Here are the basic requirements of the land for the Godown:

          1)      Must be approved by Gram Panchayat in the limits of Gram Panchayat (preferably not within the municipal city limits)

          2)      Preferably a commercial land (eligible agricultural lands can be converted to CLU- commercial land for usage)

          3)      The minimal size of the land must be 20x15 meters. PESO approval will be taken by the franchise to operate an LPG Godown.

          4)      In the vicinity of 100 meters of the land, there should be no/limited educational institutions, hospitals, residential complexes and high-tension transformer lines.

          5)      The land must be preferably square/rectangle shaped so that PESO instructions of the LPG Godown can be followed accurately.

The typical land sizes for various LPG Godown storage capacities are:

Qty of LPG (Kg)

Godown Size meters* 

Plot Size meters* 

Plot Size Sq. meters*  

Safety Distance meters 

















Association with SUPERGAS’s renowned franchises is sure to pave the way to your glorious business future. Give us a missed call on 95375 22174 to begin your association with our franchisee partners!