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Do you know why the LPG cylinder platform should always be elevated?

Why cylinder platform should be elevated?

We should never compromise safety when it comes to handling LPG cylinders, isn’t it? It is always advisable to have an elevated cylinder platform for optimum safety, strength, and longevity. An elevated platform, 1100 mm in height, is recommended for the LPG cylinder loading and unloading. Want to know what the advantages are?

Easy loading and unloading process

An elevated platform removes the necessity of a scissor lift and extra manpower. Using the pallet trolley, the cylinders can directly be loaded/unloaded onto the platform back and forth to the delivery vehicles, eliminating the risk of droppage of cylinders and, in turn, leakage. 




  1. Easy evacuation

In case of any emergency, having an elevated platform helps the staff in the easy evacuation of the cylinders, making it easy to shift the cylinders into the vehicles in minimal time with minimal effort. 


  1. Failure of the scissor lift

In case of the scissor lift mechanical failure, there is a chance of the cylinder toppling down the height of the scissor lift onto the ground. When we have the elevated platform, the cylinders can directly be shifted from the vehicle, eliminating the risk of injuries and cylinder body damage.


Safety tips during:


1. Transportation 


Always transport the cylinders in a Vertically Upright Position

The transport vehicle shall be covered and well ventilated

The cylinder shall be appropriately secured while under transit

Mixed cylinders shall be marked separately and stored separately

The vehicle driver and helper must have proper knowledge of handling the situation in case of any leakage


2. Unloading


The cylinder shall be unloaded at a platform near to height of the truck platform

Do not move or roll the cylinder on its body. Always use a cylinder trolley for movement inside the plant

Do not drop the cylinder directly on the floor or ground. Always use a proper rubber pad or proper machinery or equipment to unload the cylinders

Never hook the cylinder around its neck, valve, or valve guard for unloading purposes


Safety is priceless & SUPERGAS invests in it- all time, every time!