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As pioneers of the LPG supply industry, we bring to your industry’s most powerful operational device. EACD is the much-needed technological innovation for those who love hassle-free and convenient operations. When the one-cylinder bank is almost empty, without wasting your valuable time, EACD helps in switching over to another LPG bank automatically. It also gives email and SMS alerts when your fuel limit reaches a specific limit.  

What is EACD? 

Electronic Auto Change-Over Device (EACD) is an equipment used to optimize the use of fuel. It helps to control fuel wastage and boost the production process. EACD also aids in switching over to another LPG source automatically.  

How We Save Your Resources?

This gadget is 100% automated, requires no human intervention. It gives you significant power and holds over LPG tank limit following constant low-fuel cautions and alerts. At the point when the gas in one manifold arm is depleted and is gradually about to get exhausted, EACD helps in switching over naturally to the next involved arm. It will likewise send an SMS and Email to notify you once the gas reached a particular cutoff.  

SUPERGAS EACD offers total mechanization for change-over of LPG banks giving more noteworthy control regarding ongoing data, real-time pieces of information, predominant safety, with comfort and your loyal companion.  

Benefits of Using SUPERGAS EACD:  

  1. Get Information on Time
  2. Fully Automatic, Involves No Hand
  3. Prompt Services and Maintenance  
  4. Email and SMS Alerts 

Axiom of SUPERGAS:

Sustainability and Green Space

With the advent of LPG in the oil and gas industry, it has not just dedicated to building up the climate with a manageable methodology, forming a sustainable way, a seamless way to approach the ecosystem, but also has additionally decreased the expense of production which likewise brings about cost effectiveness on the lookout. The exclusion of carbon impressions makes the SUPERGAS approach for a "green space". 

Advancing Energy Together

SUPERGAS LPG is profoundly energy-effective and is said to leave a sway on the air and the climate in a positive note. Since LPG is a perfect consuming fuel, it has low carbon, emanates essentially no dark carbon, and doesn't spill. It improves the air quality, diminishes the outflow of GHGs, and ensures the climate.

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