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Majority of the industries are using liquid fuels like Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil and High Speed Diesel. Is there a better fuel available? The answer is a big thumping Yes. The best and easiest alternative is LPG. Questions may be arising in your minds – Is converting to LPG a viable and sustainable? Is the switch easy or cumbersome? Does it hamper my regular production while going for the conversion? Are there professional experts who can facilitate the complete solution? Answers to all these questions are  addressed if you get associated with SUPERGASwho have been doing it for more than 2 decades in India.

SUPERGAS –Part of the World’s leading LPG Company SHV Energy  NV,  SUPERGAS is known for it’s  professional and seamless conversion to LPG system from other liquid or solid fuels.

What is a Conversion Process?
SUPERGAS provides expertise  conversion assistance to switch from HSD, LDO, Furnace oil and other fuels to LPG. It’s  hassle-free and there are  supports and assistance  from the professional dedicated team at each step of the conversion process.  A systematic process (as below),  ensuring convenience and best in class service makes  Customer’s journey seamless. 

  • Fuel Data Sheet collection and analysis
  • Review of existing  combustion system, process & site audit
  • SUPERGAS conversion  solution along with Partner’s* offer
  • Techno-commercial discussion and finalization
  • Execution of the Project
  • Commissioning and handover
  • Operation and Periodic  safety training

*Partner are the vendor’s who would help in combustion system modification. We have a collaborative working with Partners across all industrial segments covering many applications.

The SUPERGAS advantage

Customized storage solutions

After analysing your process specifications and consumption pattern by our experts, we help you with suitable LPG storage solution with a portfolio of alternate options to choose.

Dedicated infrastructure & supply chain

SUPERGAS has access to 6 terminals, 23+ filling plants and a fleet of delivery vehicles with effective Supply Chain Management  principles to make sure you receive quality and quantity LPG on time, every time.

Technical support

With more than 22 years of experience in the Indian LPG sector and availability of global expertise, we are the LPG knowledge leaders and offer optimal design-erection-commissioning on a turnkey basis with quality products and timely project completion.  

Operational and Safety training

We give operational and safety training to our Customers on do’s & don’ts , safety tips , handling emergencies and many more on safety while handling LPG . Regular safety audits are done for the customers, which enforces the safety approach.

Dedicated Sales Team

SUPERGAS prides itself in their distinctive Sales team, who ensure seamless execution, delivery and support to the Customers.

Call us on 9121177930  or you can fill our online enquiry form and our experts will get right away to give you the best customized LPG solution for your industry. Your satisfaction is our motivation for a better tomorrow!