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India’s electricity production is mostly thermal based and hence it generates high level of carbon footprint. 1 unit of electricity produces 0.77 kg of carbon dioxide. So, saving electricity at each available point is a logical step to reduce cost and carbon footprint.

Coming to fuel applications for industrial requirement, LPG is widely used as it reduces carbon footprint and also is cheaper compared to many other alternative fuels. The LPG storage system either uses cylinders or bulk LPG. Again the Cylinder Installation system can be either a VOT (Vapor Off-take) types or LOT (Liquid Off-take) types.

In an LOT manifold system; there is an inherent need for an external energy source to convert liquid LPG into vapour LPG. Electrical vapourizers are used for the process which further escalates cost and enhances the carbon footprint. Is there a better solution?

The answer is Yes. There is a better solution.

SUPERGAS Heaterless Vapourizer better known as HLV is an energy efficient and innovative product  which stands out clearly as the most sought out solution. Now let’s see the working principle.

How does HLV run?

The Heaterless Vapourizer (HLV) is a device where liquid LPG is converted to vapour LPG using the Principle of Thermodynamics. LPG passes through a flashing valve to reduce pressure and temperature (adiabatic expansion). LPG then passes through a shell and tube heat exchanger, where water at ambient temperature (>15⁰C) converts liquid LPG into vapour LPG through conduction. Heavier hydrocarbons settle down in the liquid trap because of higher boiling point. This converted vapour LPG passes through an inbuilt Pressure Regulating station consisting of regulator, slam shut off valve and filter. The HLV has dual standby system which means there is a backup for every major component.

Why should you choose an HLV instead of an Electrical Vapourizer?

Check the below table to gain some insights as to why HLV wins hands down over Electrical Vapourizer.


Electrical Vapourizer






Can save approximately around Rs. 4.5 Lakhs for 100Kg/hr and Rs. 50 Lakhs for 1000Kg/hr

Carbon Footprint



A 100 Kg/Hr HLV reduces 60MT carbon dioxide annually

Startup time



HLV starts immediately




Stainless steel and brass baffles in HLV reduces corrosion




There is no electrical heater which significantly improves safety

Water tank



Water is required to be pumped, but if there's a cooling tower, water tank is not required. The water to cooling tower can be used. HLV greatly improves the Cooling Tower’s efficiency by reducing the water temperature.

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