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LPG An Efficient Versatile Energy Source for Hotels Restaurants Cafes

Who does not like getting dressed up and eating good food? Laughter indeed is brightest in the place where tasty food is!

We all love visiting restaurants, hotels, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, eateries, and food trucks, right? Ordering in scrumptious food has become a habit for us all, and let us admit, sometimes, bahar ka khana acts as fuel for our bodies!

Along with experienced and talented chefs & staff, ingredients and the tastebud tingling recipes, what is the most crucial factor in commercial F&B establishments contributing to the aroma of delicious food & smiles on the faces of the patrons?

…obviously, the fuel that powers the cooking!!!

And the fuel that is ruling the kitchens globally in the current scenario is LPG- Liquified Petroleum Gas.

Let us have a look at the benefits that LPG offers as the optimal cooking fuel-

Spotless Kitchen: 

It is simple enough to stock an LPG cylinder in the kitchen as it does not require much space. It is nothing like old-fashioned cooking methods using wood, charcoal and kerosene oil that leaves behind thick puffs of smoke, soot, or residue.

Reasonably Priced & Better Control: 

LPG is an inexpensive cooking fuel. Compared to other cooking methods, LPG ranges, stoves, and gas rings need minimal upkeep. It offers better control when you cook as you can regulate the flames as per requirements.

Eco Friendly: 

LPG generates minimal greenhouse gas discharge compared to all the existing solid and liquid fuels. It comprises fewer quantities of Nitrogen, Sulphur, and other particulate matter that are detrimental to the atmosphere. Research states that cooking with LPG helps reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 70 percent.

Swifter Cooking and Lesser Kitchen Temperature: 

LPG can cook quicker than any other available alternatives as it has a high calorific value and gives out less heat than other cooking gases.

Whatever graces your menu, LPG is undoubtedly the best cooking fuel, and that is not all there is to it!

With SUPERGAS's quick and hassle-free services, it is easy to switch your fuel or your supplier.  

The below reasons depict why you must rely on SUPERGAS as your trusted partner for addressing LPG requirements:

From Design to LPG Supply: With over 25 years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, SUPERGAS provides consultative and professional solutions for uninterrupted LPG supply.

Uninterrupted LPG Supply: With access to 6 import terminals, 21+ filling plants and dedicated fleet management, we supply LPG on time, every time at your location. 

Safety Training: Our emphasis & working culture on safety makes all our customers feel secure, and we provide safety, operational training, and safety audits to our customers.

Conversion Assistance: Our team of experts with vast experience assists in converting your existing fuel system to LPG fired hassle-free

Our innovative leak detector: 

The SUPERGAS Leak Detector helps you in detecting leakage in your kitchen. With accurate detection capabilities and quick response time, it reports leakage at the earliest so that prompt action can be taken to avoid any hazard.

With LPG lighting up the cooking fires in your hotel's kitchen, you can sit back and relax and throw all your worries in the bin!

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