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LPG is increasingly used for cooking and heating in hotels and other commercial establishments by virtue of its clean and quick burning, convenience and ease of availability. The need for a reliable LPG supplier who can play a supporting role is immense. SUPERGAS assures your peace of mind by offering a one-stop solution for all your LPG needs.

Let’s look at the basic requirement of getting cylinders on time. More importantly, is the LPG supplier capable of supplying during odd hours i.e. early morning or late at night so that it does not affect the flow of work? In case there is an emergency need during festivities? It’s a thumping yes from SUPERGAS. Thanks to SUPERGAS’s strong franchisee network, it has been doing it consistently on-time every time for more than 24 years in India.

Why opt for SUPERGAS?

  • On-time Delivery
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Quality & Quantity Assurance
  • Wide spread Franchisee Network
  • Commitment to Safety

Safety being another key area in LPG sectors is unfortunately overlooked by many. The common responses people give are “Oh  ... I am using it in this manner for last so many years & nothing has happened! Nevertheless accidents don’t come with an announcement, any safety violations may result in near-miss or hazardous accident. Does the LPG supplier has a role to play? At SUPERGAS we clearly follow the basic of “no action or activity is so important that safety can be compromised “. Safety-We Care is the approach from SUPERGAS. It ensures that all safety dos and don’ts are communicated to the Customers through safety training's and safety audits that show the adherence (or non-compliance of the same). Yes it’s a value added service from SUPERGAS. 

At SUPERGAS, it’s a complete assurance on the quality and quantity of LPG supplied at hotels. Be it at the dead of night or during the early hours, LPG supply at your commercial establishment will be done on a timely basis. A proficient technical team is there to handle the designing and installation of LPG. Hence, a complete peace of mind guaranteed. Visit For Hotel for more information.