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Delay in supply of LPG causes moderate to huge loss in terms of profits and production in your factory. We understand that if the fuel is late by even a day what will happen.

  • The entire planned batch production might go for a toss.
  • If the raw materials do not have life, you might have to scrap the entire lot.
  • The whole workforce efficiency comes down.
  • You might lose the order from the client.
  • Your organization tends to lose brand value and reputation.

Timely delivery of the industrial LPG can really affect the organization, positively or adversely. Therefore, without doubt it has to be the responsibility of absolute industrial experts when it comes to handling LPG supply for your organization.

You can rely on SUPERGAS -World’s leading LPG Company if you are looking for experts who can supply LPG on time every time. We perform timely deliveries with such flawlessness.

The SUPERGAS advantage

Superior Grade LPG

We offer the best in class LPG extracted from NG with very negligible amount of impurities, thereby substantially improving the quality of your product.

Dedicated infrastructure & supply chain

SUPERGAS has access to 6 terminals, 21+ filling plants and a fleet of delivery vehicles with effective Supply Chain Management  principles to make sure you receive quality and quantity LPG on time, every time.

Technical support

With more than 22 years of experience in the Indian LPG sector and availability of global expertise, we are the LPG knowledge leaders and offer optimal design-erection-commissioning on a turnkey basis with quality products and timely project completion.  

SUPERGAS – Going the extra mile

Operational and Safety training

We give operational and safety training to our Customers on do’s & don’ts , safety tips , handling emergencies and many more on safety while handling LPG . Regular safety audits are done for the customers, which enforces the safety approach.

Dedicated Sales Team

SUPERGAS prides itself in their distinctive Sales team, who ensure seamless execution, delivery and support to the Customers.

So what are you waiting for? Give a call to 9121177930 or submit or visit LPG for Industry and we will get back to you with your customized solution for a lifetime!