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Retesting Date for a Cylinder? Deep Diving into the information

Do you have a habit of checking the expiry date for everything you buy?

If yes, we appreciate you! That’s quite an excellent habit. But do you know that along with the ingredients that you use for cooking, even the LPG gas cylinder has an expiry date?


Surprising, isn’t it? Though the technical term is slightly different, every cylinder will have an expiry date, i.e., the retesting date, post which the usage isn’t recommended. 


Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders are made of low carbon steel, complying with the BIS 3196 standards. Approval from the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) and BIS license are needed for the authorized manufacturing and sale of cylinders. 


The serviceable age of cylinders depends on a range of factors like: 


i) Usage and cylinder rotation

ii) Wear and tear due to impacts

iii) Rusting

iv) Atmospheric conditions 


So, in the right context, the LPG cylinders have a Statutory Testing Due Date rather than a fixed expiry date. Statutory Testing is done every five years, and in the process, the cylinders are tested for usability and are stamped with the new test due date before being circulated for use.

Want to know more regarding the Test Due Date?

The test due date is marked on one of three side collars of the cylinder. It starts with alphabets A, B, C or D followed by two digits. For example, your cylinder may have the test due date as D-23.

The alphabets stand for quarters. They are denoted as: 


A - First Quarter (Jan-Mar)

B - Second Quarter (Apr-Jun)

C - Third Quarter (Jul-Sep)

D - Fourth Quarter (Oct-Dec) 


The digits indicate the year till it is valid. So, if your cylinder has the alphanumeric digit as D-23, that means it is due for testing in the last quarter of 2023. 


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