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A Comparative Study on LPG vs Induction Stove

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a low carbon, high calorific value fuel. It is efficient for cooking (at home/hotel/restaurants/catering), as industrial fuel for various applications, and automotive fuel.  

Many people describe induction stove as the more efficient cooking stove, and many others believe that the LPG stove is the best due to its lower operating cost. Don’t you think that the best part about LPG is that it is always there, unlike an induction stove that requires power for its functioning? Induction cooking is said to be a modern and convenient way of cooking. But the fact is, it has its disadvantages as well. In this blog, you will know about the disadvantages of induction cooking and why LPG stoves should be preferred.


So, let us start!  


Ease of cooking-

Multiple dishes cannot be prepared simultaneously on an induction stove, and the speed/rate of preparation would obviously be low. Using an LPG operated stove, multiple dishes can be prepared simultaneously, 1.5x to 2x times faster for a single burner & 4x to 5x times faster for double. 



An induction stove requires high maintenance, and the repairing/servicing charges are costly as well. LPG stoves need only minimal maintenance, and the cylinders are refillable. There are complaints on the induction stoves regarding lesser heat per wattage as time passes and issues with the micro switches and other parts. The efficiency of burning in an LPG stove does not reduce with time, and there are no expensive parts in the stove that need regular replacement.  


The learning process-

The biggest challenge in the induction stove is the learning curve involved in adjusting to how quickly temperatures change and the speed that food cooks. There is a familiarity with the easy-to-understand cooking process of gas ranges. There is no waiting around for a cooking element to heat up or cool down.  


The heating capability-

In the induction stove, the heating is localized and mostly happens at the center of the utensil. Gas stoves provide better cooking control. One does not have to worry too much about the position and size of the utensil. 


LPG vs induction Cost-effectiveness-

Induction stoves consume higher watts of electricity if used multiple hours a day, regularly. We can reduce electricity consumption by using LPG operated stoves. Induction vs gas cost comparison can be made by considering the pricing per unit and the number of units of electricity used. 


We highlight the advantages of LPG usage over induction stove disadvantages and commercially, providing apt solutions! Check out the reasons why you must consider SUPERGAS:  


  1. - One-stop solution- With over 25 years of experience, SUPERGAS offers end-to-end solutions for all your fuel requirements.  

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  1. - Safety Training- Our emphasis on imbibing a safety culture makes us stand apart from our competitors, and we provide safety and operational training regularly to our employees, franchisees, and customers.  

  1. - Conversion Assistance- Our team of experts with vast experience assists in converting your existing combustion system to LPG fired hassle-free.   


At SUPERGAS, we recognize the needs of our customers and do our best to address all their pain areas with value-added services and technical support.  

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