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Looking for an LPG connection with minimal documentation?

LPG connection for home

How much ever digitalization may play an important role in our hectic lives, getting a new LPG connection can be quite cumbersome. Many of us think that the entire process of obtaining a connection is tedious and time-consuming, along with putting in a lot of effort. Sometimes, it may take days for the new connection and even refills. A lot of unnecessary documentation might be involved, and in case you have moved to a new address/place, you might not be able to provide the documents as and when required.  

Going with alternatives like an induction stove or other means of cooking may not be viable and cost-effective. And facing all these issues can create quite a stress on you. But fear not, SUPERGAS is here to help you by providing a hassle-free new connection for your home needs. Once you contact us, our team will work on connecting you with your nearest franchise. Within 24 hours, the representatives will reach out to you and will visit your place with the documents to be filled, the regulator and the new cylinder. The team doesn’t pressurize you for unnecessary documentation, and in case you don’t have the documents to be submitted, you will be given a window period for submission too. SUPERGAS also provides an LPG leak detector on your choice that detects and alerts you in case of gas leakage, averting any major accident. 

SUPERGAS website also provides you with an option of checking the latest LPG cylinder price in your city as well as your nearest LPG supplier. Our 4kg and 12kg cylinders come in handy as per your requirements and elevate the fun of cooking. Our dedicated customer service team never misses a chance to serve you or resolve your grievances.