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Safety tips for your industrial manifold

Safety tips for industrial manifold

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Thus, everyone’s collective efforts are required to have safety as a prime focus. This blog takes you through safety tips in and around the Industrial LPG manifold.


Tip 1:


Don’t keep cylinders in a horizontal position: 


This is for a good reason too. The Liquid LPG can flow into the valve (which is not designed for Liquid LPG) and cause damage to the ‘O’ ring. Moreover, the cylinder’s bottom ring is designed to take on the weight, not the other parts. Hence, if you keep the cylinder in a horizontal position, there is a possibility of leakage. 


Tip 2:

Always keep the approach road clean and free from blocks: 


The reason is that a clear approach road will prove useful in multiple ways during emergencies. With a clear approach road, the firefighting team can reach the area faster. If cylinder evacuation is required, then a clear approach road will help in faster actions. For cylinder/bulk LPG, a clear approach road helps in a faster and smooth delivery. Thus, having a clear approach road always helps. 


Tip 3:


Turn off the cylinder valve when you’re not using LPG:


Again, another safety rule flouted because the manifold is at a distance. This small rule will save countless lives. This can stop leaks in hose pipes or other areas in the manifold (if developed for some reason) and at times when you’re unavailable on the factory premises.


Tip 4:


Don’t have any culverts, potholes, or dry grass near the manifold area:


LPG is heavier than air and hence tends to settle down in culverts and form vapour clouds. This vapour cloud is enough to catch fire with just a spark. If any dry grass is present during such a time, it will aid in the easy spread of fire. Thus, proper housekeeping in and around the manifold is 



Tip 5:


Usage of precautionary safety materials:


Always wear PPE during your visit to the LPG manifold and keep fire extinguishers at proper locations, which need to be checked regularly. Take proper training on how to use fire extinguishers to mitigate fire accidents.


Prevention is always better than cure. Thus, periodic maintenance will help in zeroing in on any defects at early stages and help in taking corrective actions fast. You can opt for SUPERGAS’s AMC (Annual Maintenance) contract for periodic maintenance with the country’s leading experts regarding LPG-related solutions. With Safety Audits, Periodic AMC, regular leakage tests and intensive safety training for the customer, we regard safety as the highest priority.


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